Word Challenge: V

Getting near the end now. Feel free to add your own choices in this letter. No abbreviations please, but American spellings are allowed, and foreign language words (with translation) welcomed.

I tend not to be, but it well describes those who are.

Guilty as charged!

I love the way this conjures up such things as enormous dresses, large marquees etc.

49 thoughts on “Word Challenge: V

  1. VARECH (m), which is French for wrack (especially kelp), often appears in the seafaring adventures I read. I also like the English word VANILLA, which is a wonderful (and underrated) flavor. And finally, with apologies to any inhabitants from Beetley who might suffer from it, VERTIGO.

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  2. Pete, here are a few:

    Vitriol – cruel and bitter criticism

    Vacillate – fluctuate in opinion or resolution

    verbigeration – morbid and purposeless repetition of certain words – OK, you all know I looked that one up, never heard of it but thought it was fun fun fun fun fun fun ….oops, I did it!

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  3. I like “vainglorious” — it’s self-defining, and a hybrid that packs a lot into a relatively small space. Perfect for people who are vain, boastful, self-glorifying, egotistical, and too cocky for their own good. “Even without his vacuous vulgarity, his vituperative tweets and vapid, vainglorious verbiage vitiated any vestige of respect we might still feel for his office”.

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  4. Vain: one person comes to mind
    verruca: horrible things, bring back memories of going to the swimming baths as a kid and having to go through that freezing cold foot bath en route to the pool. Smell of chlorine and being cold!!
    virtual: the world in which a lot of us live these days

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  5. Good Morning Pete:
    Sometimes economic terms do not make sense. For example, VOLUNTARY UNEMPLOYMENT, which includes some are looking for jobs presumably because their last job evaporated into thin air. People who use this term willy-nilly and think they have said something are clearly voluble and charlatans. Another is VERTICLE EQUITY which is only a poor person’s vindictive response to paying taxes. β€œThey have more, they should pay more.” While it is in the right direction, power to the people,, it is still a term that does not make sense. Finally, VOLATILITY, or the measure of ‘risk’ in a financial market. Give me a break, volatility is uncertainty. Uncertainty is not measurable, risk is. Just another of the voluminous terms used to beguile and throw off the average bloke and make economics sound, well, erudite.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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