Back from a break

As some of you may remember, I have been away for the last six days, and not blogging at all.

I have returned today, and discovered over 600 emails to deal with. Please forgive me for missing so many of your posts, but I just don’t have the chance to catch up with them retrospectively, I’m afraid. I will do my best to answer all comments made about blog posts over the next few days though. If anyone posted something they really think I should not have missed, let me know in a comment, or by email. Otherwise, I will start from scratch next week, and hope to be back on form.

The time away from the screen was nice, but of course I did miss my daily dose of interaction, and keeping up with everyone too. The change of scene from Beetley was most welcome, although Ollie prefers to be at home, and walking around his usual stamping grounds of Hoe Rough, and Beetley Meadows. Despite staying only 100 yards from a deserted beach, Ollie was far from happy, and didn’t settle down in our holiday home.

The weather wasn’t great. This is England in September, after all. We did manage to dodge the heaviest showers though, and I will have some photo posts to show you soon. I took two cameras, and extra batteries, hoping for a real photo-fest. But as it turned out, the gloomy skies meant that I only needed one camera, and took less than 100 pictures worth keeping. There will be some seaside posts, as well as a trip to a castle.

Please bear with me over the next few days, as I do my best to catch up.

Best wishes to everyone as always, Pete.

47 thoughts on “Back from a break

      1. Wow, 600 emails! And you have minimised it vey quickly, I’m impressed! Do you get an email for every like as well as comment you receive? Do you get an email notification for every new post from the bloggers you follow? I used to do this and had an overwhelming feeling there was no end and no beginning…


        1. I have emails for most blogs I follow, plus the likes and comments on my own posts. Then there are those from Amazon, etc as well. On a day-to-day basis, it is manageable, but after a week away, it’s too much. I have decided not to comment on the posts I missed, but have made sure to reply to every comment on my own blog. Down to just 50 now, after a long morning on the PC! Time to take Ollie out, I think.
          Love from Beetley, Pete and Ollie. X

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        1. We did dodge the heavy rain, to be honest. But the light was just awful for photos. I binned half of them, but will put a good selection on some blog posts anyway.
          (What’s going on with ‘Calendar’, the local news? Weird! )
          You might not get that in Toon Town though.

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