Significant Songs (134)

See The Day

I first noticed D.C.Lee as a backing singer to the Style Council, a group I loved unreservedly. Not long after, I found out that she was the partner of Paul Weller, the musical guru, and founder of that band. They had married, and had two children. She had also been one of the backing singers for Wham, though I only discovered that much later.

In 1985, she released her second solo single, ‘See The Day’. By then, her association with Paul Weller had guaranteed that she would get some attention, and the single was a major success, reaching number three in the charts. I liked her torch-song style, and immediately bought the record. I was pleased to realise that she had received a silver disc for this, selling in excess of 250,000 copies. It was packed with soul, and a real heartbreaking vocal performance.

But she failed to follow up on her success. The subsequent singles, and her solo album, never made the charts. Her last performance was in 2010, and I truly believe that we have lost a great British female vocalist with her disappearance from the scene.

Just last week, I heard this record on holiday, and promised my cousin and his wife that I would post this, to recall her heyday. Her she is, in full voice.

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