Here’s a lovely illustrated post about a trip to Portugal, from my blogging friend, and published writer, Felicity Harley. I have never been to that country, so I must rectify that, one of these days.


Graffiti in Lisbon — Photo by Arthur Vallin Creative Director HarleyandCompany

Few Americans have yet to discover Portugal. We went recently to visit my British family in Vila Nova de Milfontes in the South. Our journey started in Lisbon where we stayed in an apartment in the central part of Lisbon. Our airfares were inexpensive and our accommodations through Airbnb even more so (we never paid more than $100.00 a night).

Lisbon is a beautiful old city with a large Moorish section that wanders up into the hills behind the pastel colored, red-tiled houses that line the cobbled streets.

Moorish Section of Lisbon – Photo Arthur Vallin Creative Director HarleyandCompany

It has numerous beautiful squares and monuments and is scenically situated at the mouth of the Tagus River. If you are a foodie like us, it also has many inexpensive world class restaurants and markets scattered throughout the city in which to…

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14 thoughts on “WHY PORTUGAL

  1. My parents took us to Portugal back 1971. We toured Lisbon, visiting the National Coach Museum and stopping at the Belém Tower. And then we rented a car and drove a scenic loop. We witnessed a bullfight in a small town (cheaper if you’re in the sun); ate in a small restaurant, where I had (more than one) chocolate mousse for the first time; accepted a load of grapes picked off the vine for us at a country vineyard; stopped at Fátima; walked around the old fortified city of Óbidos; had fresh sardines in the coastal village of Nazaré; and toured the charming Palácio da Pena, which is perched on a mountaintop.

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  2. Hi Pete – My cousin and her husband who live in Charleston just came back from Portugal. I was worried about them during the recent hurricane and found out they were gone! Great timing. Haven’t been to Lisbon since the ’80s nut just adored the place. So historical and authentic! Regards from Florida.

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