Lincolnshire: Chapel St Leonards

Ollie enjoying the view along the deserted beach.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them, and look better that way.

On our last day, we headed eight miles south, to the seaside village of Chapel St Leonards. This popular holiday destination is all but deserted out of season, and we took full advantage of being some of the few people there. Julie headed off to the shops to buy a new jacket, and I took a reluctant Ollie onto the beach.

He didn’t settle though, and was constantly looking back, to see where Julie had gone.

Along the promenade, closed-up beach huts set the mood, with threatening skies behind.

This theatre-style seating is for the popular Punch and Judy show. It could do with a clean.

Like much of the rest of the places there, the Punch and Judy was closed.

And the seafront cafe too.

But not everything had finished for the season. The cafes in town were open, and we stopped for a hot drink. The small amusement arcade was still open too, a real British tradition.

This is the last photo post from our short holiday. I hope that you enjoyed this look at the British seaside, out of season. Next time, I will ditch the Sony lens hood, and not keep getting it in the corner of some wideangle shots!

56 thoughts on “Lincolnshire: Chapel St Leonards

  1. That’s one of your very best photos of Ollie! It would be fun to watch the Punch & Judy show. I once watched something similar in the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in Paris. As for “threatening skies,” I actually like the mood they establish in a photo. We get a bit weary of blue skies here in Southern Nevada…

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  2. Thanks, Pete. It looks much quieter and relaxing that it would be in the middle of the summer, for sure. I can’t comment on the lens (I’m terrible at taking pictures) but to me your photographs look fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. The first picture on this most excellent post — the one that shows Ollie staring at something across a rather empty landscape — is absolutely worthy of being painted on canvas and displayed in an art gallery. The mood of this picture reminds me of a painting I saw once called “Christina’s World” and this picture of Ollie is very very mood evoking … a great picture!


  4. I find there is something quite sad about a seaside town out of season. Like it has gone to sleep for the winter and I always hated Punch and Judy shows. They scared me as a small child. Goodness knows why they are thought to be suitable for children to watch!

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  5. It seems the season ends very early there – I guess as soon as the schools go back. Love the pic of the beach huts and the one of the amusement arcade brings back memories of family holidays to Fleetwood when I was a child. Rainy days were always spent in the arcade – old pennies in my day.

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      1. I was a Saturday girl in Boots and we were given training for weeks before the change happened – with flash cards! I can still convert instantly from one to the other. Never mastered metric measurements, though.

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  6. I’m reminded of out of season holidays as a child in Dawlish, where my Uncle still lives. Too much time spent on the 2p waterfalls and slot machines, although given the alternative of windswept beaches what is a 10 year old to do.

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  7. As you know I’ve lived in Lincolnshire in previous times, but not seen this part of it. I wonder if it gets anymore lively in the summer season, though if you always go off season I don’t suppose you’d know! I love South Shields for similar reasons, not many tourists and lovely quiet beaches all year round, but with added cliffs and jurassic bits!

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    1. I have been there earlier in September, when the schools were still off. It is such a huge beach, the families tend to congregate around the entrance from the town, so there are always deserted spots. I agree that it is less interesting with no cliffs, piers, rocks, and such. But I still like that feeling of space.
      Cheers, Pete.

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