Significant Songs (136)

I Have Nothing

I rarely mention Whitney Huston on this blog. This song is from her film ‘The Bodyguard’ (1992), which I quite frankly hated. Just because someone is a terrific singer doesn’t mean that they can also act. However, since her death, so many singers try to copy her, or emulate her style. They rarely get remotely close.

Whatever I think of her, her talent as a singer is undeniable. The correct word is unsurpassed, to be completely frank. Nobody has ever quite managed the effortless power that she brings to her songs, and the flawless vocals that seem to come so easily to her. More than many, this particular song seems to illustrate her unique talent to just keep going with that almost unbelievable vocal.

Although I don’t actually own a single one of her records, I happily bow with due respect, to her immaculate performance.

18 thoughts on “Significant Songs (136)

    1. I know very little about her life, Jennie. I try not to ‘get involved’ with the behind the scenes stories of celebrities. I don’t actually own any of her recordings, but sometimes when I hear one of her songs, I have to think just what an amazing voice she had.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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