Significant Songs (138)

Doctor Wu

My love for the American band Steely Dan knows no bounds, I confess. In my recent A-Z challenge, their music featured as my top choice in more letters than I can recall. They have also been mentioned in these Significant Song posts previously, but I make no apology for showcasing another of their songs.

The band consisted of the talented duo, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. They wrote and produced the music, calling on session musicians when they were needed. From just one word of Fagen’s distinctive vocal, their original and unique style was always instantly recognisable, and they never had any real competition.

From 1972 until 2003, they released many amazing records, both as a band, and with solo projects too.
Sadly, Walter Becker died this month, and that got me thinking once again about their huge catalogue of great songs, and the collaboration that was almost the soundtrack to my adult life.

So, this one is for Walter. Rest in peace.
“Where the Cuban gentlemen sleep all day”.

19 thoughts on “Significant Songs (138)

  1. I believe I have everything recorded by Steely Dan. Have always loved them. So sad that Becker is no longer a part of this world, however he left behind a great deal of music that will never die, thank goodness! Thanks for this tribute, Pete!

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