The sad howling dog

Although I write this blog from Beetley, I have no idea how many people who live here actually read it. I have been approached by a few dog-walkers in the past who tell me that they do read it, but as over half of my readers are from America, and more than ten percent from other countries, I cannot say with any certainty that more than three residents of Beetley are regular readers.

Despite this fact, I am going to appeal to any Beetley readers for information about the sad howling dog. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been woken in the early morning by the mournful howling of a dog, in a nearby house. It sounds like a wolf in one of those old films, and can howl for more than an hour at a time. On occasion, this has lasted well into the day, and also started much earlier in the evening. It is very upsetting to hear, and makes us most concerned about the poor animal, which is either shut in alone inside, or left outdoors for long periods.

Locating the source of this canine lament is not as easy as you might think. Despite being a relatively small area there are many houses around, and some side streets to investigate too. Then there is the nature of how sound travels. Sometimes, it seems as if the sad dog is howling from a house behind our back garden. But if I go outside, the sound appears to be from the other direction, across the road at the front of the house. Even wandering around as the howling can be heard is of little help, as when I think I might have located the place of origin, the source of the howling changes to come from behind me. Sound is a strange thing indeed.

So, if anyone knows what is going on with this dog, and its heartbreaking cries, please let me know.

37 thoughts on “The sad howling dog

  1. Aw I hope you find out what’s going on with the dog. We too have a sad howler we call Mr. Lonely, he howls every night around 10pm, but I think it’s just when he’s let out for a little while as it doesn’t go on long.

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  2. Oh dear, this sounds so upsetting! I do hope the dog is alright, it could be that he is being badly neglected. Like you suspect. Sigh. Big pat for dear Ollie and all the best from Germany,

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    1. The police are stretched in these country districts. If a dog is in an outside enclosure, it becomes a noise issue, which is the remit of the local Council. Police will rarely attend for noise problems.
      That needs more than one person to complain as a rule, so our investigations will have to include asking other neighbours.
      We think we know where the dog is now, which is a start.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. You could tell the press or local radio. By the way, leaving a radio on sometimes calms a dog but really they are so loyal they just want to be with their owner.
    Funny how we get more followers from USA. None of my friends and family read my blog.Julie.

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    1. I have some good friends who read the blog, but most followers started out as ‘strangers’ too.
      If the dog dilemma continues, I will contact the Parish newsletter, which is distributed to all the houses around.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Once I involve them, Mary, it all gets very ‘official’. I will try to locate it myself first. The dog may well be in a clean and comfortable outside kennel, which is not unusual around here. If that’s the case, then it becomes a noise complaint, and the responsibility of the Council…
      Best wishes, Pete.

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