Significant Songs (141)

Remember The Days Of The Old School Yard

Not many people remember Linda Lewis these days, which is a great shame. She started life at a stage school, and had some minor film roles, including the classic British film ‘A Taste of Honey'(1961), when she was aged just 11. She also loved to sing, and was soon appearing with groups as early as 1964, before changing her name, and signing a record contract with Polydor. She appeared at the first-ever Glastonbury Festival in 1970, then switched record labels to Warner Brothers. That led to her singing backing vocals with the likes of David Bowie and Cat Stevens, among others.

In 1973, she made the UK charts with the single ‘Rock A Doodle Do’, and I noticed her immediately. I bought the record, and the album it came from. In 1975, she changed labels again, to Arista records. What followed was the album ‘I’m Not A Little Girl Anymore, working with the talented Alan Toussaint. Her vocal range is amazing, and the distinctive high notes never sound strained. On that album, she featured this track, a cover of the Cat Stevens original that to my mind, is a great improvement. She released a further nine albums, and is still around today. This was her finest hour.

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