Promoting a fellow blogger

My good blogging friend David Miller has been away from the blogs for some time now. As well as working on a new novel, he has been writing song lyrics for his musical partner, Chris Almoada. Chris’ band produces a great rockabilly sound, real foot-tapping stuff from the old school, and David is his lyricist. After a lot of work, those lyrics are now available on Facebook, for all to see. As I do not have a Facebook account, I cannot like or comment, unfortunately. But if you can, then please do.

As well as writing these lyrics, David is an accomplished writer of Limericks, and has published books too. His last novel, ‘Pope On The Dole’, was a quirky and amusing read that I thoroughly enjoyed. David works from his home in Nevada, close to Las Vegas, and also enjoys hiking in the desert and mountainous countryside there. I am adding some links, in case you would like to know more about him and his work.

Facebook page for those lyrics.
Blog site.
Pope On The Dole.

If you are able to, please share these links around.
Thanks in advance, Pete.

20 thoughts on “Promoting a fellow blogger

  1. Pete, I am most grateful for this promotion. I have indeed been busy. The first of two detective novels is nearing completion, but I’ve spent most of my time not just writing some lyrics, but also working with Chris Almoada on launching our music enterprise, which we hope will be realized very soon now. It’s an incredible amount of work.

    We have a page that’s under construction. You can find it here:

    This is the first of several Facebook pages. Future pages will deal with different genres of music. I co-wrote the video text, and also narrated it.

    The Rockabilly Songwriting page, though now public, is not yet functional, so we are working on that aspect of it. It will eventually offer clickable links that will allow a potential client to listen to music samplings and interact with us. Chris Almoada is also working on a YouTube playlist that will be accessible to potential clients.

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