Twitter friends: A message

This is a general message to all my blogging friends who also follow me on Twitter, as well as those who kindly share my blog posts on that platform. Also to everyone who constantly retweets my own Tweeted blog posts, and ‘likes’ them too.

I used to always take time to thank you for doing so, and add a comment where appropriate. However, Twitter have stopped sending me individual notifications. Instead, they send me an email with any number of notifications, all lumped together in one batch. This makes it much more difficult to continue my former practice of thanking you all every time.

In future, I will just ‘like’ your retweet. This will let you know that I have seen it, and tell you that I am grateful too. I still appreciate them just the same, and hope that you will understand why I am changing to this. And please forgive my usual absence from Twitter. I rarely go on the platform, and just use it for promoting my blog posts.

Thanks once again, and best wishes to you all. Pete.

12 thoughts on “Twitter friends: A message

  1. Thanks, Pete. I stopped thanking everybody because as I got more followers, I didn’t have time to do it. I also read that it is better to RT one of their tweets, so I tend to do that if the RTs appear on my notification list, but that’s not always the case. Twitter is a law unto itself. I stopped their emails because I could not do anything else. (I also know that people use things like Roundteam and automatically RT your content, so sometimes I realised I was thanking and automated account rather than a person).
    Have a great week.

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