Another guest post: Sally Cronin

One again, Sally has been kind enough to feature one of my posts on her delightful blog. It is a good few years old, so anyone not around back then might like to read it. If you do, please comment there, on Sally’s blog.

Here’s a link.

Thanks in advance, and best wishes to everyone. Pete.

16 thoughts on “Another guest post: Sally Cronin

  1. Pete, it’s a shame what education has become. University students are now allowed to postpone final exams so that they can riot in the streets, as political activism has now become a higher priority. Also, some universities are limiting courses on American History, or else are teaching it from an anti-White perspective. I think a university degree now is virtually meaningless. High schools routinely graduate students who can neither read nor write. And elementary schools are basically viewed as child care facilities.

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