Significant Songs (142)

She Said

Sometimes, a song comes along that is a real one-off. Something different, and hard to categorise. I am not a fan of Rap, and most Hip-Hop leaves me cold. To top it all, English voices should never rap, it just doesn’t sound right. Rapping is an American ‘thing’, and only works with that accent, in my opinion.

Ben Drew is an English actor, singer/songwriter, rapper, and producer. I firmly believe that the words ‘English’ and ‘rapper’ do not belong in the same sentence, as I have just implied. However, I like to give credit for talent, and I am always honest whenever a new song grabs my attention, and won’t leave my head, no matter how hard I try to expel it.

In 2010, Drew’s group, Plan B, released the second single from their second album. It was called ‘She Said’, and I immediately noticed it, as well as it becoming a major chart hit. The sharp-suited Drew looked the part in the promotional video, and the unusual mix of contemporary pop, retro beats, and smart lyrics made this the standout song of that year. Seven years later, I still never tire of hearing it.

Enjoy something really different, and very English.

15 thoughts on “Significant Songs (142)

  1. Great track Pete, always liked it, I even bought Plan B’s first Album, but this is the first time I have seen the video.
    There is something about the cockney or is that mockney that makes a rap that much better.

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    1. Cheers Eddy. I bought the album this track game from, but never fully engaged with most of the other songs. I think Drew’s accent is pukka. He was born in East London, lived in Essex, and was expelled from at least one school. His mum was left to raise him on her own, and worked for the local council.
      Glad you liked this one mate. Pete.

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  2. Sometime back I found a birthday card which proclaimed on the front “Happy Birthday to a Lovely and Fine Fellow.” Open the card and it says, “Now Say it again with a British Accent. Better, isn’t it?” Significant Songs (142) reminds me of the truth in the card.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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