Significant Songs (144)

The Power Of Love

Holly Johnson became famous as the front man and lead singer of the controversial group ‘Frankie Goes To Hollywood’. Although I was not a real fan of their music, Johnson’s powerful voice was an indication of real vocal talent. Released as a single from the top-selling album, ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ in 1984, this track was very different to the commercial beats associated with them at the time. Written in part by Holly himself, and produced by the experienced Trevor Horn, this record enjoyed considerable success.

It was also used in the government campaign to promote the use of condoms, during the scare surrounding the increase in cases of A.I.D.S. He later recorded a solo version in 1999, after his split from the original group. This is a big ballad, from a man who can really sing. Now 57, Holly is still writing songs, and performing as a solo artist.

Here’s the original version. Best played loud.

15 thoughts on “Significant Songs (144)

  1. Good Morning Pete:
    This one I got to hear. Cool, albeit, moody. Nancy has taken to walking in the house (it’s a steps thing). She listens to Disturbed, Sounds of Silence, which I noted was on the same web page as this one.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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  2. It’s always interesting to see and hear your fondness of such music tastes. I haven’t paid much attention to the band though I know of it. It is one I am fond of too of lyrics ‘ flame on desire, love with tongues of fire’.

    (P.s My apologies I have seemed to miss a few of your posts as I have not been on WordPress for some time).

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  3. This was a tremendous record Pete. Though not a big fan of their music I did like the chartbusters they had with heavy anti war themes and um a more rousing one maybe but Holly made a fantastic job of this one.

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