Significant Songs (150)

Anything For You

I have an on/off relationship with the singer, Gloria Estefan. I like her ballads, but I am less enamoured with her faster records. They lack the soulful feel of her Cuban roots, despite her best efforts. She is also outspoken against the Cuban regime, from her comfortable life in Florida. That political aspect of her career doesn’t sit well with me at all.

However, in this series I always give credit for talent. And if I like a song, I am prepared to forgive any negatives about the performer, on almost every occasion. When I first heard this ballad in 1988, I was entranced by both her voice, and the lyrics. On the surface, it is nothing special. But it really got inside me, and if anything I like it even more as I have got older. One to keep, and always a joy to listen to.

20 thoughts on “Significant Songs (150)

    1. It was written and released by Gloria originally. Research shows me it was covered 5 times, but I have never heard of any of the singers who covered it. Here are their names.
      Lea Salonga
      Aiza Seguerra
      Charice from her Chapter 10 album.
      Sharon Cuneta
      Best wishes, Pete.

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