Hanging on to my shorts.

(Not me in any of these photos)

Regular readers may recall my love for wearing shorts. After many years spent wearing a uniform, or business attire, retirement gave me the freedom to wear shorts anytime I wanted to. That time usually lasts from March through to the end of October, before falling temperatures force me back into waterproof walking trousers, or casual joggers.

This year has been no exception. Starting with my birthday on the 16th of March, I have worn shorts every day since. There were two occasions when heavy rain made me retreat into longer leg-wear to tuck into wellington boots, and a few times when an evening meal in a restaurant necessitated the wearing of smart trousers. Otherwise, my varied selection of shorts has been put to very good use every day.

I have quite a few pairs, in various styles and colours. I can be seen in grey, tan, beige, charcoal, navy blue, and sand, although I do not own any in white. There are the longer-leg versions, some just over the knee, and a couple of pairs that just brush the kneecap. I no longer have those very short ones, once fashionable during the 1960s. Locally, I am known for wearing shorts at all times, braving nettles and brambles, shrugging off the stings and scratches.

Today is the 31st of October. For many people in the world, that signifies the celebration of Halloween. But for me, it is the day that the shorts are traditionally packed away for the winter, with me longing for the warmer weather that allows me to get them out and ready for a new season of shorts-wearing. Yesterday was very cold here, but I was still out walking with Ollie wearing shorts. Fellow dog walkers remarked on my endurance of the cold, but to be honest, I didn’t feel it on my legs. Today is grey and chilly, and doesn’t look much like improving.

But I might just do another day in shorts, and break tradition just this once.

59 thoughts on “Hanging on to my shorts.

  1. Good for you. I have a friend who is just the same. Once the shorts appear he is seen in nothing else until winter sets in. The temperature has to be at least 20 before I wear shorts and I’ve already hauled out my winter boots. Wouldn’t do for us all to be the same, would it?

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  2. “Locally, I am known for wearing shorts at all times, braving nettles and brambles, shrugging off the stings and scratches.” Not to be morbid on Halloween, butβ€”changing “am” to “was”β€”that would make a great epitaph!

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  3. Brave man! I was thinking more about the brambles and insects than I was about the cold (I can’t stand cold in hands and feet in particular) but I don’t know. There’s something to be said for keeping up the tradition. I appreciate the change in attire now that you can wear whatever (for work reasons I had to dress pretty covered up all the time and dull, and it did feel boring). Whatever you do, enjoy your day (cloudy here too and it’s supposed to get really cold). Have a good Tuesday, Pete.

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  4. Go for it, Pete! Break the tradition! Wear your shorts whenever and wherever you please. You might begin a trend. I used to wear shorts when riding my bicycle on the bicycle path alongside the river. As to insect bites, that is what insect spray is for and it was never a problem with me.

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