Significant Songs (152)

Memphis In June

This one is taking us way back. First recorded in 1947 by Hoagy Carmichael, who wrote the lyrics.

When I first heard this, I was very young. I didn’t know where Memphis was then, and I had never tasted a blueberry, let alone a blueberry pie. I had no experience of sitting on a shady veranda under a Sunday blue sky, and also had no idea that Oleander was the name of a fragrant shrub.

But as I listened to Hoagy’s relaxed crooning, I could picture myself in that unknown location, smelling the fragrance of a plant I had never heard of, and anticipating the taste of cousin Miranda’s blueberry pie.

That’s what a great song does, it takes you into the experience. And you never forget it.

Memphis in June
A shady veranda under a Sunday blue sky
Memphis in June
And my cousin Miranda she’s making a blueberry pie

I can see the clock outside a ticking and a tocking
Everything so peaceful and dandy
I can see my grandmama ‘cross the street still a rocking
Watching all the neighbours go by oh my

Memphis in June
Sweet oleander blowing perfume in the air everywhere
Up jumps the moon to make it so much grander
It’s paradise honey take my advice honey
Cos there’s nothing like old Memphis in June

(In this version, it was changed to cousin Amanda, and she’s making a rhubarb pie. 🙂 )

29 thoughts on “Significant Songs (152)

  1. How was your first tasting experience of a Blueberry Pie? Though I have wanted to try a rhubarb one for some time. This song is ‘everything peaceful and dandy’ as Hoagy charmingly sings. The orchestra is wonderful. (My favourtie type of Jazz). The whimsical feeling that sets the vibe of people slow dancing or dining. A simple joy to listen to.

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  2. What a talent Hoagy Carmichael was. My favorite song that he composed is “Georgia on My Mind”. I often, usually when it’s rainy, listen to the Stardust Melody album on Spotify.

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