Guest post: A Poem by Rachel

I received an email from a lady named Rachel. She sent me a poem for consideration as a guest post.
I liked it, and thought it showed great promise. But what do I know about poetry? My own recent attempts made me realise that the answer to that is “very little”.

So, let her know what you think, by adding a comment below. Thanks in advance, Pete.


This time, that time, place and face
Meanings and memories, our mind’s embrace 
Intensely felt pleasure and pain
Looking back, facing forward, regret in vain

Treasured moments , truthfully beauty
Stealing wonderment from complex duty 
Decisions abound, a landscape to cross
The challenge of life , of love, of loss 

When my life is ending I want it to feel 
That there was nothing undone that could have made it more real
So everything matters, woven, like intricate lace 
This time, that time, place and face

28 thoughts on “Guest post: A Poem by Rachel

  1. I also liked Rachel’s poem. I have a question for Pete. How do you ask wordpress about something to do with your blog? I know you have contacted them and I need to know why I have ‘featured’ on an old blog and a little letter sign. What’s going on? Also, I suddenly have loads of readers from all over the world. Is that due to the ‘featured’ blog? It’s a mystery to me.

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    1. Glad you liked the poem, Julie.

      To get support from WordPress, follow these steps.
      1) On your site admin dashboard, scroll down to the very last line.
      2) You will find ‘Help and Support’ listed there.
      3) Click on that, and a new window should open, called ‘Need Help?’
      4) Ignore the search box below that heading, and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
      5) You will see a blue box with ‘Get help’ written in it. Click on that.
      6) That takes you to a contact page. Add a general heading, then type your queries into the dialogue box. That activates an ‘Ask in the forums’ box, so click on that.
      7) If your query is not answered by anyone else, a WordPress ‘Happiness Engineer’ will contact you with answers or suggestions, usually within 24 hours.

      If you do not pay for the Premium Service (as I don’t) this is the only way to do it.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. The poem fluctuates in terms of beats per line, but not by much. It flows very nicely. I highly appreciate the attention to rhyme (A-A-B-B). And, unlike some poems these days, this poem actually makes sense, and, if you dissect it a bit, has something very interesting to say (the complexity of life; getting the most out of life; etc.). Overall, I enjoyed this poem far more than many poems written by professional poets. So I’ll give Rachel two enthusiastic thumbs up!

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