Guest Post: A poem by Fraggle

I was delighted to receive this poem from FR, at
Her delightful photography is highly recommended, as are her thoughts on life too. An engaged blogger, great blogging friend, and all round nice lady. Please head over and check out her site.

An ode to poetry by Fraggle Rocks
(with apologies to Shakespeare, Wordsworth et al)

Oh What a poet I could be
if only rhymes came easily,
my words would flow and stanza’s fill
with fields of golden daffodills.

If iambic parameter wasn’t so hard
I’m sure I’d be an excellent bard,
I’d find some arcane words to use,

I’d write some plays with many pages
of Kings and Queens throughout the ages,
Sir Ian McKellan would be the star,
and I’d be feted near and far.

My sonnets, well they’d be sublime,
obsessive love in fourteen lines,
and men would weep to feel such angst
and ladies swoon and wet their pants. (sorry, best I could do for angst)

Alas, with words I have no skill,
can’t find enough to fit the bill,
and so dear Shakespeare, do not fret
still Engerlands greatest poet yet.

But a picture paints a thousand words
of sunsets, beaches, castles,birds.
Children playing, a lovers kiss,
no better poetry than this.

So off I go, camera in hand,
to photograph North East Engerland
I’ll write my poems with an XT-2
It’s just as good, don’t you think

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