Significant Songs (158)


Sometimes, the popular image of a young singer can make you forget just how good they are. In my case, this applied to Christina Aguilera. I didn’t take a lot of notice of her early hits. A pleasant pop song, a pretty American girl, that was about it. At least as far as I was concerned. She had been a child star, and like some others of her generation, her looks assured she got enough attention to keep her career going into her teens.

Then in 2002, still aged just 22, she released a new album, ‘Stripped’. As the singles were released from this, and I began to hear them played constantly on the radio, I had to completely reassess my opinion of her. The vocals were quite literally amazing. There was such power coming out, it was hard to marry the voice to that tiny frame. This was something special indeed, and with professional promotional videos taking the songs to a cinematic level too.

She continued her very successful career to this day. On the way, she managed (along with others) to do something rare. The cover of ‘Lady Marmalade’ with Pink. Li’l Kim, and Maya, took on a classic track, and equalled it. For some, it was better than the original, and the sexy, sassy video certainly made for great viewing. Here it is, as a bonus. Well done, Christina.

33 thoughts on “Significant Songs (158)

      1. Indeed, my trusted good friend. I am slowly coming back around to the blogs here. Winter time is here and too much time on my hands now. Not doing the indoor gardening this year, but have as you’ve seen begun a Blog of Sorts on my YouTube. I just need to rid this blasted head cold so I can regain my voice again to get back to making them.. Take care, Laura

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  1. The eye makeup on that first cover would make a good cover for a Science Fiction story!. But then if that career doesn’t work for her, she could just stay with singing! To say she is good at it is an understatement writ large.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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