When I stopped worrying

I couldn’t name the day, and I am not even sure what year it was. But it definitely happened. I stopped worrying. Not about important things, those things that we actually need to concern ourselves about. Just those social things, the acquired worries, all those unnecessary ones.

I stopped worrying about how I was dressed. After all, I was walking a dog in rain and mud. Why should I care what people thought about the clothes I was wearing?

I once worried about what my hair looked like. But then most of it disappeared, and I just cut what was left myself, into a short crop that looks like I have no hair at all. Why worry about hairstyles, when there’s nothing left to style?

I stopped worrying about looking old, and became interested in the change instead. I couldn’t do anything about it, and I certainly wasn’t about to endure a lot of painful surgical procedures to restore my youthful look. Better to just stop worrying. And it worked.

Having strong opinions is not always acceptable in polite company. But I got to that time when I realised I had been keeping them to myself when meeting new people for far too long. So, I became true to myself, and stopped worrying about what they thought.

I used to actually worry about all the places I had never seen, and the countries that I had wanted to visit, but never had. It dawned on me that save for a lottery win, that was never going to happen. So I stopped worrying about that too.

I worried about losing touch with people, especially after moving away to a place that few would ever visit. I tried my best to maintain contact with everyone, but it wasn’t easy. They had their lives to live, and it wasn’t their fault that I had moved 130 miles away. So I stopped worrying about that.

As my list of things not to worry about became longer, it got easier to accept more additions.

For a long time, I worried about upsetting people with blog comments, or alienating them by writing about things that they didn’t agree with. But one day I realised that a lot of those bloggers were no longer around, and new ones had replaced them. I decided that such things have a way of sorting themselves out, and stopped worrying about them.

Then I stopped worrying about doing things. So what if I said I would go to the post office today, and didn’t? It will keep until tomorrow, and there is no point worrying about something I didn’t do, when it is too late to do it. The lawn wasn’t cut on the day I said I would do it. No matter, let the grass grow.

There is real freedom in not worrying, I assure you. Everyone should try it.

97 thoughts on “When I stopped worrying

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    I’m working on this, but got a ways to go! 😉 ❤
    Peace, love & no worries,
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  2. Isn’t is nice to get to a certain age and not worry about the trivial things in life. It’s like a brand new dawn is upon us and we can sit back and finally relax through our days without the worry nagging at our heels.. Awesome blog and have a great time away for a few days. Take care, Laura

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  3. It is very liberating, Pete. As I read your post, I kept nodding my head in agreement. So, when did most of that happen to me? Slowly, I think. Not a tah-dah moment. I still don’t always voice my opinion in public unless it’s of major importance or about educating children. I have the rest nailed. Feels so good! Best to you, Pete.

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  4. I do not know how you are-but we are the same age! ha! When I think of the things that concerned me in my youth, I do not know whether or cry. There is a wonderful liberty that comes to those blessed to live long enough. Best wishes-sure enjoyed this one!

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  5. Wonderful post, Pete. But i have a whistling sound in my head… Louder… Oh, it’s Bob Marley.
    Ain’t got no place to lay your head
    Somebody came and took your bed
    Don’t worry, be happy.
    The landlord say your rent is late
    He may have to litigate
    Don’t worry, be happy.

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    1. It happened almost overnight to me. I woke up one morning, and didn’t care about what I was going to wear, or what I looked like. Once I realised it didn’t matter, I was able to let so much other stuff go too.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. I absolutely loved this post Pete! Especially being a person that worried and has anxiety about everything and I mean everything! I hope that as I have that I will learn to give less shits. I know I am all about difference in opinions but I am always worried about insulting or hurting someone because that would kill me inside to offend anyone. I’m just that type of person that I even feel bad about louding out WordPress. I also keep wanting to delete the pics my children took because all I could think is how bad I look and people can see!😟 I just feel guilty about everything and it’s probably my lack of self esteem and my past but your post have me a sense of hope that maybe I won’t always be this way. Lord knows I don’t want to at all! Thanks for sharing this with everyone. I think your incredible whatever you may dress or look like! You are a incredible man, Pete! I am so lucky to have the privilege of meeting you!😊

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    1. As always, Dani, you are very kind. This lack of worry comes with age, and it is mainly about disregarding peer pressure, and social norms. I still worry about a lot of other things. Those things that need worrying about! And don’t worry about the photos either, you look fine to me! 🙂 x
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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        1. You’re welcome Mary and I agree completely! I always think later I am just wasting my life worrying about things that may or may not happen and it doesn’t solve a thing! All it does is waste the time that I do have and makes it less enjoyable! It’s a horrible and vicious cycle but I think you can do it! Your a strong person from taking care of your dad and raising your children to be successful! You can do this!😊

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  7. Wise words, indeed! I’m a worry-wart. It is ridiculous, all the unnecessary energy I’ve spent. I have learned to let go, too, and pick and choose what I need to worry about. At the core, it’s a control thing. Que Sera, Sera.

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  8. Like Alfred E. Neuman said, “What, me worry?” Once in a while, I tell myself that I SHOULD be worrying about a situation that threatens dire life-altering consequences, and that the fact I’m not worrying about it is really quite worrisome!

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  9. “I stopped worrying about how I was dressed. After all, I was walking a dog in rain and mud. Why should I care what people thought about the clothes I was wearing?”

    As you may recall, worrying about my clothes was never a big thing for me. I did have an odd thought the other day, though.

    Why do I always ensure that I have matching socks on? Nobody ever sees my socks. The tops of them are covered by my trousers, and my feet are in shoes when I’m out. It’s an odd one. Or, rather, it’s a matching one.

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    1. Because my clothes dryer tends to send a sock into oblivion now and then, I end up adding another orphan sock to a discard pile in the linen closet. Every now and then, when I’m out of clean socks that match, I’ll pair up mismatched socks from the discard pile and wear them. No one has ever noticed. Until my clothes dryer closes down its off ramp to oblivion, I’ll continue this practice.

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        1. To me your fantastic! I know you struggle but you have been through so much and you battle everyday with pain and instead of just laying around and complaining about it you advocate equal rights, you support charities, you comfort other people(like me) when they are suffering, you always give your support and you make a difference. I think you just don’t see yourself the world sees you. I know how hard it is to suffer with so much physical pain and to even type but you take that energy and you endorse good works and you protest from your home. You also share charities and people that are in need! You uplift all of these people! When I first started blogging I thought there was no hope for me and that I just couldn’t do this but when you commented on my posts and you reblogged me you changed me and have me hope. Since you taking me under your wing I am up to 600 followers in less than 4 months. I have met amazing people and you even helped me get started on NetGalley where I can get free books and save lots of money and get out there more! You really don’t realize that I was about to give up but because of your kindness I pushed forward and now Blogging has saved my life! I had zero support and lost “friends” because being ill. You helped me gain some importance and self love! I know that’s all mushy gushy but it’s completely true and I will be forever grateful! I wish you could see yourself the way the world sees you!😍 because your an amazing lady and friend!😊

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            1. I was just telling Shannon at Reads & Reels that I wouldn’t have been able to make it in the blogosphere without you! She qas celebrating her 1,000 followers and shared how hard it was in the beginning and that having some supportive people made all the difference. So when I congratulated her I had to add that I could understand because I felt I had no hope until you started commenting and reblogged! I thought I was just horrid at blogging and still do at times but you really have helped me, my friend. All those times you went the extra mile and helped me with some tech question, showing me the ropes and asking about me and my family that’s just amazing! You have made an incredible impact in my life now I have so many support and new friends! Yay!!!😁 You are just the bee’s knees Kim!😗🤗

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  10. I’m with you on this Pete, it really is a wonderful feeling of freedom when you realise you no longer give a rat’s arse (sorry) about what other peopl think of you. Although I still wear make up when I go out to avoid scaring young children. 😀 😀

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  11. I’ve tried that, Pete, and in most cases it has worked out for me as it has for you, just a few things left to stop worrying about – so I’m still working on it. We sure can’t please everyone – I tried that for a long time and no one ended up happy, including me – so this is great advice for ALL!

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  12. Teehee, there is freedom in not worrying, Pete! But I do still worry about certain things. However, as I have got older like you, I have stopped worrying about what other people think….I can be more myself. But that doesn’t mean I don’t consider others…

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    1. I like to think I am still polite and considerate, that’s just good manners. And I do still worry about important things. I have simply freed myself from those unnecessary and often pointless vanities, based on how others see me.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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