Featured blogger: Swallows Doggies

I heard recently that my former colleague and long-time friend, Julian Boyce, has started a blog. I met Julian when we worked together in the London Ambulance Service, and we soon discovered we had a lot in common, as well as the same sense of humour. He moved on to pastures new, becoming a successful advertising executive, and living abroad for all of his working life since. When he lived in China, I visited him there, and when he moved on to Singapore he showed us around that fascinating place too.

Since then, he has been living and working in the Arabian Gulf, until recently deciding to become semi-retired, and returning to his home in Istanbul, with his Turkish wife. His new blog is still a work in progress, but the amusing tales of life from a four-legged perspective are up and running, with some great characterisations and graphics too.

The next story, ‘Sparky’, will be published as a serial from the 15th of December.

For lovers of all things canine, as well as those who enjoy an amusing story, I suggest you check out this new blog. There will be a ‘follow’ option soon, so you can bookmark it if you wish to become a follower later. I will give an update once everything is in place. Here’s a direct link. Enjoy!

30 thoughts on “Featured blogger: Swallows Doggies

  1. Definitely needs to serialise. The graphics are cool and I like the little daschund that pops up and trots across the screen. But my follow list is full so it’s dead mens shoes for now. (Not that I want anyone to snuff it of course!)

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