Significant Songs (160)

Spinning Around

Sometimes, a song doesn’t have to be meaningful and important. It doesn’t have to be the product of a tortured soul, a wonderful lyricist, or a person who makes poetry into music. Very often, the simplest ditty can make your spirits rise every time you hear it, and give a lift to your day.

That time comes to eschew the musical snobbery, forget that lifetime of serious musical appreciation, and search inside that list of guilty pleasures, and just admit you enjoy something popular. To be honest, my own list of what might be considered to be ‘unworthy songs’ is very short. I have taken the whole thing very seriously, I assure you, at least most of the time.

So when a song just gets into my head, and I find myself humming random parts of it when I least expect it, my usual reaction is to go into denial. I would happily assert that the reason the song is so catchy is one of the main reasons it is also a bad song. Not something I would buy of course, nor readily associate myself with it. But I am older now, and less easily embarrassed by such things. I am more positive, and perhaps have an honesty once denied by a careful youth.

With that in mind, I offer this as perhaps the perfect example of a mindless pop song, but one that I am now happy to broadcast as being on my mind, more often that I care to admit. Hard to believe it is seventeen years ago.

Go for it, Kylie!

29 thoughts on “Significant Songs (160)

    1. Thanks, Peggy. I never watched her on TV, so my only knowledge of her comes from her pop music career. She has always seemed so nice too, despite that unfortunate relationship with Michael Hutchence…
      Best wishes, Pete.


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