Two gifts, one thought

I wanted to get Julie something unusual for Christmas. After thinking long and hard, I decided to commission a portrait of Ollie for her. I knew exactly where to go for that, to my talented blogging friend and marvellous artist, Jane Lee McCracken. I have bought her prints and T-shirts before, as well as greeting cards she sells. Her work is done in ballpoint pen, and rendered in meticulous detail.
I contacted Jane in the summer, and sent various photos of Ollie, agreeing a price for the completed work to be mounted and framed too. She sent back various ideas, and I eventually settled on one. When it arrived, I couldn’t have been happier, and I was excited to see Julie open it on the 25th.

Before I handed it to her, she gave me a present too. Despite the Christmas wrapping paper, it was obviously a framed print or photograph. Once it was opened, you can imagine my surprise.

She had also commissioned a drawing of Ollie, from a friend she met on social media. And she had also chosen a design with more than one image, in her case a pencil drawing, with pictures showing Ollie as a tiny pup, contrasted with him now.

I cannot recall ever having given and received near-identical presents before, but this was indeed a double delight. If you would like to contact Jane with a commission idea, this is the website where you can see her work, and use the contact form.
Payment is made easy by Paypal, and I can confirm that she is 100% reliable.

Both photos can be greatly enlarged, by clicking on them.

71 thoughts on “Two gifts, one thought

  1. So glad Julie liked her present Pete and such an incredible co-incidence you received a beautiful drawing from Julie – great minds think alike! Many thanks again for the commission and your kind words as always! It was great working with you on Ollie’s portrait. All the best for a great 2018, Jane xx

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  2. Isn’t there a saying: “Great minds think alike? ” Well it certainly seems like you both did 😊 These pictures are absolutely amazing and so beautifully drawn. Superb and awesome gifts to be sure 😊

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    1. I must admit that I have never given ‘household’ gifts, but at least a bread-maker is potentially useful. We bought one over a year ago, but only ever made one loaf in it! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I used subliminal messages to coax him into buying me this gift, Pete. I really wanted it and he usually buys me gifts I don’t want like jewelry. After nearly 17 years of marriage, I have discovered it is better to point him in the right direction rather than end up renting a vault in the bank in the future for the unwanted gifts. PS Don’t tell!

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    1. Thanks, Michael. Although we have many photos of Ollie, original artwork hanging on the wall will be the best thing to remember him by. Thanks very much for reblogging too.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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