Southern Belle: Part Two. A Story For Dani concludes

This is a fictional story, with some regular readers in mind. It is inspired by the ludicrous names that many authors choose for their characters, and written especially for this blogger, Dani. Though hard to believe, all the character names used in this story are actual names used in novels, and in some cases, the names of the authors too. If you intend reading it, you might first want to read part one.

There were so many cars in the driveway leading up to the De Vere mansion, Dani and Blythe decided to pay off the cabby, and walk the rest of the way. It was obvious everyone who was anyone was going to be inside, they could tell that from the expensive limousines queuing bumper-to-bumper. As they got close to the door, a pencil-thin young woman emerged from one of cars, draped in a dress with a long trail, that made her look like a mermaid. As she spotted Blythe, she let out an ear-piercing squeal of delight, and the whiteness of her teeth shone in the fading light. After lightly hugging Blythe, so as not to spoil her coiffure, she glanced over at Dani, raising her eyebrows. Blythe grinned, and made the introductions. “Misty, this my my old friend, and first love, Dani. Dani, meet Misty Mount, she’s one of the best-known southern belles in Charleston”.

Misty grinned, not knowing what to say. Finally, she extended a hand. “First love, why how quaint, I’m sure.” Misty turned in the direction of the door. Looking back over her shoulder, she added, “Maybe see you inside later, I must rush. I’m meeting my beau. Do you know the fabulous Timothee De Fombelle? He’s so rich, darling, he even has more money than my daddy”. Inside the house, Dani and Blythe helped themselves to some champagne, served in the finest crystal glasses by flunky-dressed waiters. Blythe turned to Dani and kissed her softly. “Come on honey, let’s explore”. Even in such a large house, the rooms felt crowded; people milling around making small talk, quietly criticising each other’s clothes, and muttering about who had put on weight, or who was too thin. Dani heard a booming voice behind, as they made for the conservatory. “Why Blythe Sol, can that really be you?” The girls turned, to be confronted by a hulking figure of a man, someone who took going to the gym to the next level, undoubtedly. He ran his hand through thick straw-coloured hair, and thrust his brick-like chin forward as he smiled. Blythe recognised him immediately. ” Hi Nick. Dani, this is Nick Gorgeous. Nick, meet Dani, my partner, at least for tonight”. That stopped the big man in his tracks. “My pleasure ma’am, and great to see you again, Blythe”. With that, he glanced around the room. “Oh my, there’s Robert Le Donjon, I must ask him something, sorry ladies”. He headed off, leaving Dani stifling a fit of giggles. “Is that really his name?”, she asked her friend. Blythe grinned. “I know, unbelievable, but that is his real name.”

Dalton Kipper reluctantly hauled his bulk from the car. It was no good, he would have to get closer to get a good photograph, long lens or not. He decided that he would stand around close to the conservatory, pretend to be a guest, if challenged. “At least I will get myself a nice look-see at some of those pretty girls”, he mumbled to himself between laboured breaths. In the ballroom, Baron Wickshire, (who is really the famous international con-man, Bastian Urso) wondered why he couldn’t lay eyes on Lola Dodge. After all, she was the reason he had set the whole thing up, hoping to swindle her out of her fortune, by getting her to invest in a property scam. He caught the eye of Talon Steel, who was standing on the other side of the throng. Steel had his arms around two local gold-diggers, Andee Trakes, and Rouen Rivroche. Those sexy young tramps had no idea what was going on, and Steel had just brought them along as eye candy. Steel was a famous star of porn movies, and his rippling torso and huge manhood were well-known in all fifty states. But that was just a sideline. His real job was as a mob enforcer, and he had been loaned out to protect Urso, who had promised a big cut to The Family.

Bastian furrowed his brow, and Talon shook his head in reply. It was clear he didn’t know where Lola was, either.

Blythe leaned in close, and whispered to Dani. “You look so hot, I must have you now. Let’s lose this crowd, and find a bedroom”. Dani nodded her agreement, and they headed up the back stairs to the first floor. Blythe tried the first door, surprised to see Lola Dodge sitting on the huge bed, with Dax Janner standing next to her, holding his phone. “Get out! Room occupied” Lola shouted, and Blythe closed the door quickly. She looked at Dani, and held a finger up to her lips, indicating silence. With that, she leaned in hard against the door to listen, and Dani followed her example. They could hear Dax’s conversation clearly, though they had no idea who he was talking to. “That’s right, he’s here. But be careful, he has protection. Some mob tough guy, Talon Steel. Yes that’s right, you can guarantee he will have a gun. As agreed, the price is a hundred grand for me to point him out to your guys. Leave the money in the post box of Lola Dodge, at the Dodge Mansion, Wisteria Drive. How long before they get here? OK ten minutes then.” Dax had obviously hung up. “It’s on, Lola darling. We have to get back down to the party, ready to point him out.”

Dani grabbed Blythe’s hand, and whispered close to her ear. “No time for sex now honey, I’ve had an idea.” The girls went back down the stairs, and left the house at the side, close to the conservatory. They passed a fat, crumpled-looking man, trying in vain to conceal a large camera. “Evening ladies”, he wheezed, as they hurried past. Blythe walked over to one of the parking valets, standing next to some keys hung on a stand. She smiled and said, “Do you have some tape of something? I think the hem of my dress is going to drop”. As she spoke, she raised her dress almost level with her groin, flashing her thighs, and the lacy edge of her panties. The young valet’s eyes goggled at the sight, and he didn’t even notice Dani, as she quietly retrieved a set of keys from the stand. She was careful to take one with a maker’s fob, clearly marked Porsche. It was easy enough to find the parked car by pressing the fob button and seeing which car had the familiar flicker of lights, and clunking sound as the doors unlocked. Blythe joined her in the parking area, the hapless valet still inside somewhere, searching for tape. As Dani drove off at top speed, she almost collided with two black vans that were heading for the house.

The two vans came to a halt outside, and six tough-looking men emerged from the back of each one. They were wearing black clothes, and carrying automatic weapons. The young valet emerged smiling, clutching a roll of Scotch tape. He was just about to say, “Sorry gentlemen, you can’t park there” as a hail of bullets cut him down, and he fell back against the steps. The twelve men rushed into the house, ignoring all the women who were now screaming, just looking around at the men. Outside at the back, Dalton Kipper perked up. He knew the sound of gunfire when he heard it, and he switched on the camera, to be ready. In the ballroom, there was blind panic. Well-dressed women kicked off their heels to be able to run, and some hid under tables, knocking over trays of drinks and snacks. Instinctively, Talon Steel grabbed the pistol inside his coat, but already knew it was too late. One of the Russians emptied a magazine of bullets at him, catching the screaming Andee Trakes and Rouen Rivroche in the same burst that killed Talon.

Nick Gorgeous had rolled under a side table as son as the firing started. He pulled the cloth cover down to conceal his presence, and held his breath. Robert Le Donjon, who had been talking to Nick, walked toward the men, holding his hands up, and smiling. “Gentlemen, please. There must be some mista…”. He never finished his sentence, and stared down at the holes that had appeared in his chest.
Bastian Urso made a run for the conservatory, his only chance of escape. Seeing him go, Dax Janner, who was shielding Lola with his body, called to the men. “I’m your guy, Dax. There he goes”. Dax pointed to the back of Urso’s head as the sprinting man made it through the open doors of the conservatory. Unfortunately for Dax, the men he spoke to didn’t understand English, and just carried on firing. Their bullets went through the surprised Dax, and on into Lola. They both fell dead to the floor. One of the Russians had got the idea though, and shouted to the others, who joined him in a chase through the gardens. Urso was out of breath, and tried to hide under the rim of a huge fountain. But his panting gave him away. A big man pressed the hot barrel of an assault rifle against his head, and grinned. He growled, “Mr Kamarov says hello” as he fired.

Dalton Kipper was pressed as flat to the wall as his bulk would allow. Fortunately, the black-dressed men ignored him, as they ran back to the waiting vans. He puffed his way into the conservatory, and let his eyes wander around the scene. Bodies lay all over the place, and there was blood spattered up the walls too. A dazed-looking man with straw-coloured hair rolled out from under a table, screaming “Don’t shoot” as he clapped eyes on Kipper. Dalton clicked away, his camera on motor-drive. He wasn’t going to get his payday for fingering Urso, but he could make a pretty penny from selling photos of this carnage, he reckoned.

In Wisteria Drive, the stolen Porsche pulled up outside the grand gates leading to the home of Lola Dodge. “You go to the post box, while I turn the car round”. Dani suggested. Blythe jumped from the car, and ran across to the box. Dani saw her in the headlights, as she retrieved a bulky package from the box, and turned smiling, giving a thumbs-up. Her smile evaporated as Dani stepped on the gas, driving over Blythe without hesitation. Before getting out of the car, Dani reversed it slowly over her former lover, just to make sure, hearing the satisfying sound as her skull cracked under the weight. The package was intact, and did indeed feel like it contained $100,000.

Dani leaned forward, looking into Blythe’s dead eyes as she spoke.
“Bye Honey. You were good, but not that good. And you should have kept in touch.”

22 thoughts on “Southern Belle: Part Two. A Story For Dani concludes

    1. I still can’t get over those names actually being used in ‘real’ books! :)x
      I’m really pleased that you enjoyed it, and how your ‘character’ turned out too.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


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