Thinking About Something on a Saturday


Perhaps because I was rudely awakened by a parcel delivery this morning. I started thinking about hibernation. My warm and cosy bed still beckoned me to return to it, but adopting my usual ‘I am up now’ attitude, I boiled the water for my coffee, and stared through the kitchen windows at the bright but cold day outside.

January and February are pretty useless months, as far as I am concerned. If you live in northern Europe, you can expect little relief from bad weather, which often gets worse as February drags on. My year might just as well have only ten months in it, as I have little inclination or inspiration to do much at all, between Christmas and my birthday in March. Short bleak days, and long dark evenings always make me wish I was wealthy enough to escape the English winter, and spend it somewhere with a kinder climate.

Then I thought about those animals that hibernate. Dormice, Hedgehogs, Ladybirds, Bumblebees, Snakes, Frogs and Toads, and Bats. In other countries, Bears also hibernate, (after a fashion) as do Skunks, Ground Squirrels, Hamsters, and Prairie Dogs. This seems to me to be an eminently practical solution to avoiding the worst time of the year. Eating enough food during the plentiful times, storing some away in case you get peckish when resting, and dozing away quietly as all the bad stuff goes on around you, unaffected by the winter blues.

Humans got a raw deal from nature. We have to constantly drink, and also exercise to avoid muscle wastage or vascular disease. But mostly, we have a brain that is too active, so we are too easily bored. To make for a successful hibernation, we would no doubt require books and light to read them by, even a TV or radio, to break the monotony. I know, it might seem to be just a silly, random thought on a cold morning.

But just imagine how nice it could be, to avoid the bleak months, and wake refreshed at the time when everything around you is reinvigorated.

74 thoughts on “Thinking About Something on a Saturday

  1. “Short bleak days, and long dark evenings always make me wish I was wealthy enough to escape the English winter, and spend it somewhere with a kinder climate.”

    As you can imagine, the weather this time of year in Las Vegas is great. This year, it has been even milder than usual. I’ve had to blow cool air into the vehicle at times to keep myself from sweating…

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  2. Hibernation does indeed sound good some days, especially when the weather offers little to make you want to get up. But you are right, Pete – it’s impossible to let the mind go blank – too much interesting stuff to think about!

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    1. You could definitely never hibernate, John. You would be too excited, thinking about what goes on in Japan, and what creations top chefs are inventing. But as you live in California, you also don’t need to worry. It’s here that we have ‘hibernation weather’!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Hi Pete! I think I’d enjoy a hibernation period too. My pet tortoise, Tabitha, is currently staggering round my kitchen semi conscious after being asleep for four months. It takes her at least a month to wake up and for her appetite to return. Perhaps hibernation is the secret to a long life?

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  4. No hibernation for me, though this year has been particularly hard from mid December to now with illness I won’t bore you with. Looking forward to Spring, and think I’ll appreciate it more for living and being awake through this drossy winter!

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  5. Well, let’s see now — Our water needs to be boiled this morning because of a break in the valves in the system that delivers it to our faucets … My bed too is cozy … “Too” cozy I would say because I spend an inordinate amount of time in it … (My Thousand Dollar Bed) … whoever heard of such a thing? —

    Your birthday is in March? Mark something on your calendar to remind me when your birthday is and I might send you something from Amazon if I can work with them from over here … Certainly there is an Amazon UK, isn’t there?

    As I was reading your descriptions of the little animals hibernating surrounded by their comforts, it occurred to me that Illegals might be included in that number also. LOL.

    I used to drink a lot more than I do now but since I got so drunk it made me very ill when I was 25 years old I haven’t been able to do much if it anymore … even though I did recently purchase a small container of a really top-notch bourbon for occasional sippery. (I do “Sippery” instead of the more common “Gulpery.”

    I too would love to awaken at a time when everything around me was “Invigorated” as long as when I awoke I was invigorated also.

    I am more fond of the state of invigoration than I am of either the state of inebriation or the state of hypoplasticvingegarization. LOL

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    1. Nicely put, John.
      I am still a ‘gulper’, I confess. ‘Sippery’ is a delicacy I have yet to learn.
      No need to send any gifts, as I already have far too much ‘stuff’. But my birthday is the 16th of March. (Pisces)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Yes I have, Pete … I noted that I hadn’t seen any responses from you yet …. I haven’t changed anything except the font and that shouldn’t have affected the notifications. Did you accidentally unfollow me?

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  6. Well…honestly. I am never bored. In fact I always have way too little time on my hands. I get up at six in the morning (yes even in weekends) and even then I am always wondering where the time went after the weekend. I have so many hobbies that I enjoy that it’s really hard for me to keep up with everything (but that doesn’t mean I am not having fun though…I am having a blast πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).
    So…hibernating for me is pretty much a no lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  7. It’s an intriguing premise, lately I’ve found if I have too many lazy days I seem to become more fatigued. It’s almost as if I have to do stuff or I’ll die. Ever had that feeling?……..No just me. Okay I’ll see myself out.

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  8. The problem with hibernation is finding a suitable place to do so without the bother of an active society. In my earlier years, when it was my ambition to be an archvillain- a goal that dissipated when I realized I didn’t have a formidable nemesis, no matter the amount of job recruitment done -I made elaborate plans for an underground lair. Now that’s something that might be useful. Just thought I’d help.

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    1. As underground lair sounds right up my street, Chandler. I confess that being an arch-villain also appeals, especially if I could be accompanied (as Lex Luthor was in the film ‘Superman’) by Valerie Perrine! πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. Hello Pete 😊

    Long time no speak.
    I like January and February. I think of this as a rejuvenating, refreshing sort of time.

    I love the first signs of growth – snowdrops and crocus – I’ve got hyacinths and narcissus bulbs blooming on my kitchen windowsills and some early cut daffodils in vases – I really love spring flowers.

    I love cold, bright days. I love scarves, wraps, blankets, and general cosiness. I love spring cleaning!

    There’s no sun to burn or insects to bite at this time of year. I don’t like the very short days but find November and December hardest on that score. By late January the days have noticeably begun to lengthen. In the meantime there are candles, lamps and strings of lights to blaze a trail of brightness or impart a comforting glow.

    We are already almost halfway through February. Your friend March will soon be here.

    All good wishes,

    Heart x

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    1. Nice to see you again, Heart. I hope you are doing OK.
      Thanks for your thoughts on this one. I agree that late February does begin to show some signs of the year ‘recovering’, but it often comes with more cold weather and snow at the same time. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete. xx


  10. The thought of human hibernation in the northern climes is very attractive to me as well. Here in our area in Canada plagued by excessive snowfalls I see other advantages of striking the first two months off the calendar. The almost daily labour of shovelling snow and clearing our drive way and sidewalks would be a thing of the past.

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