Significant Songs (163)


Sometimes, a song can be significant because it is just plain annoying. You hear it all the time on the radio, or catch snippets of it heard from passing cars. In the case of this particular song, I only knew it from cover versions, mainly those sung by the hopefuls on TV talent shows like ‘X-Factor’ and the like. To be honest, I was heartily sick of this song long before I ever heard the original version, and was hoping never to hear it again.

However, I did hear that original, long after it was recorded in 2013, by the unusual Australian singer, Sia. She is someone who likes to present an enigmatic persona to the world. famously appearing in wigs that completely covered her face, and using other people in her promotional videos to retain her contrived air of mystery. That made her even more irritating, as far as I was concerned.

But as I often say on this blog, real talent is undeniable. Once I heard her version, I immediately wondered at the folly of anyone else even attempting to tackle this difficult and complex song. Sia sings it with a passion and skill that gave me goosebumps, and turned a hated song into one I admire more than I can say. It is simply amazing.

This is not her in the video. She’s mysterious, as I said.

26 thoughts on “Significant Songs (163)

  1. Sia was quite a surprise find, especially when they announced her as internationally famed, Gosia and I had never heard of her until a couple of years ago. Top tunes and always complex.
    She was brilliant on Carpool Caraoke

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  2. Pete, I know this video quite well because someone I know (also quite well) used to watch a TV reality show called “Dance Moms,” and once in a while, I’d watch a bit of it, too. The star dancer of the show was Maddie Ziegler. She is the girl in the Sia video you posted here.

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  3. She wants to swing from a chandelier but I couldn’t make out anything else. It didn’t sound like she was euphoric about doing it, more like it was a peculiar prescriptive remedy for her malaise. I am deaf to all pop music produced since the millennium, it has to be said. 🙂

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