Significant Songs (164)

The Look Of Love

Not the famous Bacharach song, far from it. I have already covered that one and this only shares its title. In 1980, a new band emerged on the scene. They were part of the trend know as the ‘New Romantics’, most famously represented by groups like Spandau Ballet, and Duran Duran. They were called ABC, and though thought to be in the same genre, they had a harder edge, and a sharper look than most of their contemporaries.

The lead singer, Martin Fry, had an obvious talent for singing, and a voice that had power and style. I liked them immediately, and bought their 1982 debut album ‘The Lexicon Of Love’. This went to number one on the UK charts, and produced four top-selling singles too. However, despite a few subsequent albums, they were destined never to enjoy such success again. Some members began to leave the band, and before long, Fry was all that was left.

He has since tried a couple of comeback tours, and even managed to sell out the Albert Hall, in 2017. But it is only die-hard fans who remember them now, and music has moved on. They are unlikely to ever hit the charts again, and their heyday is just a memory. But it’s a fond memory, at least for me.

17 thoughts on “Significant Songs (164)

  1. I haven’t heard of the band before so it was a delight to come across this on a Sunday night. Thank you for bringing this to surface Pete, it’s a lovely one. Cheesy as they come, it has some wonderful lines I feel, my favourite being at the beginning ” you know your missing out on something..well that something depends on you..and towards the end ” if you judge a book by its cover, then you judge a look by its lover”. I hope you have a pleasant night Pete.

    Sincerely Sonea x

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    1. Thanks, Sonea. They do appear very cheesy now, I agree. At the time though, they were ‘borderline cool’. 🙂 Hard to believe, but at least Martin could sing.
      This was one of their big hits, but you might like this other one too. Just for you! 🙂

      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I am fond of particular songs like these and have a few in my playlist which I have a listen to when I am either travelling to the dreaded hospital and getting ready. They are still quite cool to me heh. I think there was mean to be a link you sent though though it came up as a big gap on my side but not to worry Pete, I’ll have a listen to some of their other songs tomorrow and thank you regardless.

        Sincerdly Sonea x

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  2. Now you’re talking. I got the impression Fry was influenced by musicals, Rodgers and Hammerstein, that sort of thing, but quite cheesy and a little camp in pop circles. There was a friend of a friend who had this in the car and the three of us went on a road trip and Lexicon was our in-car karaoke. While it was neither my friend’s or my kind of music, I bought it on the strength of the fun we had singing along. My girl at the time hated it, she thought it corny. This made me like it all the more.

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    1. It was very cheesy, a little corny, and the official videos were often cringe-worthy. But who doesn’t love to sing along with ‘Poison Arrow’? For me, the main thing was that Fry could actually sing, and sing well.
      Glad you liked this one, BF. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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