Significant Songs (165)

Goodnight Girl

In 1987, I heard a catchy song on the radio. It was called ‘Wishing I was Lucky’, with great lead vocals, and an interesting construction. I made some enquiries at my local record shop, and discovered it was by a band with the unusual name of ‘Wet Wet Wet’, from their debut album, ‘Popped in, Souled out’. I bought the album, and really enjoyed the other tracks too. Four of them went on to become hit singles, and the band really took off.

They were from Scotland, and fronted by the impossibly good-looking Marti Pellow, whose combination of great voice and cool style was wowing many women at the time. Fame came rapidly here in Britain, and with that followed two more album releases, in 1988, and 1989. The big ballad I am featuring today is from the fourth album, ‘High On The Happy Side, which came out in 1992. Two years later, their cover of the 1967 Troggs hit, ‘Love Is All Around’ was featured in the film ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ leading to it becoming one of the biggest-selling records of the decade.

By the late 1990s, success and adoration had taken its toll; Pellow was addicted to drugs, and also an alcoholic. As a result, the band split in 1999, with Marti later releasing a solo record, in 2001. Despite attempts to reform the original group, they never again got back to the dizzy heights they once enjoyed, and Marti Pellow is once more a (not very successful) solo artist. This was their heyday though, and it looks and sounds it too. I have also added ‘Wishing I Was Lucky’, so you can see what grabbed my attention in the first place.

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