65 thoughts on “The Reblog Button

  1. One of the reasons why I’ve kept my WordPress.com blog (apart from one never knows when I’ll decide to close the WordPress.org one) was the option of reblogging, but, as I was telling another author a couple of weeks ago, we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if WordPress didn’t give us anything to complain about… 😉

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  2. I have had the same thing happen-where did my reblog button go? It came back eventually with no explanation! Then my posts carried everyone a different route to get to my blog-next, my posts quit publishing! A messy affair, but now all is back to normal. If Ihad a solution, I would gladly share it with you, being such a fan.

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  3. the reblog and Press this button are very similar and the press this button seems to have been updated and is now easier to use and you can schedule posts without having to come out and edit to reschedule maybe they have phased out the reblog as is there a point to having two very similar buttons?

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  4. I know I had to select the reblog on my sites (settings / sharing) so I could reblog my own posts so I know that the button is ‘on’ for Travel Words and the garden blogs. Just been to check and yes, the button is MIA. Oh, well. Luckily I have decided to copy and paste manually and link.

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  5. People won’t leave well enough alone. Always adding something new, and the new usually breaks something that was working. Please, nobody ask them, if they can do anything dumber. They may take it as a challenge!

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  6. As much as I love WordPress I sometimes get annoyed by it an awful lot. Another ” popular ” feature that seems to keep happening is comments that disappear. Ugh…hopefully this issue gets resolved soon. Really annoying. 😢

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      1. Yeah not all changes are good if I am being honest. Sometimes they mess with things that are good already, and totally seem to waste it. Hopefully this won’t be the case with the editor, as I think it’s fine the way it is now. But maybe that’s just me.

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  7. I did contact a WordPressForum a few hours ago, and one of the “WordPressHappyEngineer wrote, that there is a technical problem, and they are keen on to solve this as fast as possible, and then the reblog button will be visible again. 😉

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