Significant Songs (175)

I Wanna Stay With You

I had heard of the songwriters Gallagher and Lyle during the late 1960s. They had written for Apple Records, and both later joined the band McGuinness-Flint, enjoying a major chart hit with the song ‘When I’m Dead And Gone’. The Folk roots of that song didn’t make it appeal to me that much, and it was a while before I noticed them again. They formed a duo in 1972, and embarked on a career of recording their own songs, none of which I took any notice of at all.

By 1976, they had already released four albums, and I had been blissfully unaware of their new career. Then the fifth album appeared that year, and I sat up and took notice. The easygoing pop song ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ got into the charts, and the pair appeared on TV pop shows. I thought it was OK, but still a little Folk-based for me. But another track was released from that same album, and that one really got into my brain, and under my skin.

It had a different feel, some orchestration and brass instruments, and built up very nicely indeed. Although I could tell it was them, from the distinctive vocal, I realised that this great little love song was very much my kind of thing. I bought the single, and played it constantly. Forty-two years later, I still like it as much as that first time I heard it.

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  1. They also formed part of Ronnie Lane’s band, Slim Chance, after he left The Faces, and appear on the album Anymore For Anymore, which is one of my long time favs. But I’m guessing that’s a liitle too folky, Pete.

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    1. I dipped in and out of Folk, BF. I liked Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, and John Martyn (of course). In general though, I just cherry-picked certain songs I liked, and didn’t bother with whole albums. I was a big fan of The Small Faces, and some of the songs by The Faces, (preferred Marriot’s vocals) but I don’t actually remember anything by Slim Chance. Thanks for updating me about G & L. I never really followed their career path after the album ‘Breakaway’.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Marriott was one the best rock singers, it was because he had a soul singer’s voice. Incidentally, I found a cracking youtube video of his last band, The Packet of Three. A full performance in some bar or pub. He still had it.
        Probably the most well known songs from Slim Chance are singles, How Come? and The Poacher.

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