Significant Songs (178)

Feel It Still

Unlike most songs in this series, this song has nothing to do with nostalgia, and has no relevance to my youth in any way whatsoever. Continuing the theme of music used in advertising, this is another song that is used in the background to current (and persistent) television commercials, proving just how effective that can be in gaining my interest in the music, yet completely forgetting about the product they are trying to sell me. Ad Men, take note!

When I first head this short track, I liked it immediately, and believed it to be a pop record from a female singer. If you play the clip with your eyes closed, you might discover why. Thanks to other bloggers, I soon found out that it was a man singing, and fronting an American band with the unusual name of Portugal, The Man. Originally from Alaska, they formed in 2001, and released their first album in 2006. They were well known as a touring band in the US, and continued to release albums. This track was number one on the American charts, and received a Grammy for ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Peformance’, in 2018.

So, I know nothing else about their music, and was totally unaware how popular they were outside of the UK. But a TV commercial, and my mistake over the singer’s gender, made me want to find out more.
And I love the song too!

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