Take our survey of older bloggers: how and why they blog

An interesting idea, a survey of older bloggers designed to improve the blogging experience by researching into why people blog, and what they think about the process. It’s anonymous, and I have been happy to complete it.

Write Into Life

Please take the Older Bloggers’ Survey. People say it’s fun, and we hope it will lead to new policies and opportunities related to the ageing population. We have made assumptions, and now we want facts. We want to know how you blog, why you blog, when you started, and what you gain from blogging. You can do the survey no matter what your age, as long as you have your own blog.


Take the Older Bloggers’ Survey today on the popular SurveyMonkey website

cartoon of woman blogging See the lady blog. Blog, lady, blog!

Seniors with a personal blog: an unexamined sphere

We are part of a huge community of bloggers with an important role to play in the world. But who pays attention to us? All research into blogging seems to be focused on business blogs, but most of us are blogging for personal reasons.

  • We’re the first cohort to be getting…

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29 thoughts on “Take our survey of older bloggers: how and why they blog

  1. Who would guess? That there was enough ‘oldies’ blogging to conduct a survey. My guess is that the majority aren’t interested in the number of followers, how many Facebook friends they have, or accumulating likes.

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    1. A bit of grey power going on in the blogging world? (Or in my case, white…)
      It would be nice if they had to take some notice of the oldies for a change.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I used to teach a course on survey research and am often surprised by the foils offered for answers. The two women writing their book or tips about blogs will be surprised by some of the write-in answers.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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  3. I admit I started blogging to get more readers for my books as they are self published and have a niche readership – the more mature, people-centred individual. Once they get hooked on the characters I know they will ask for more, which happened last year so there’s a new one coming out in June. However, few of them have computers so blogging has turned into an interesting exercise and introduced me to some fascinating people. I am still a computer novice!

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  4. I don’t do surveys because every “Survey” out there is designed solely for the purpose of gleaning more personal information from those who participate. But I will share my reasons for blogging with you because I trust you — My main reason for blogging is to prove to myself that I still have a halfway functioning brain and this is evidence that I am still alive and not yet a totally-dependent vegetable.

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      1. The one survey that I took was one that I took years ago. It was designed to tell me what I think of myself and I was surprised by the results. The survey indicated that I love myself so much that mirrors will bend and break when I walk by.

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  5. If there’s a Dark Web, why not a Grey Web? I guess part of the trouble is we’re the ones with the money and so are the prime targets for exploiters. It needs an awareness revolution…

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    1. All true, BF. I checked out the site, and it seems to be two women writing books and tips about blogging. I don’t mind helping them do that, as it is anonymous if you want it to be, and no details are required, except that you have to be a blogger.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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