Significant Songs (183)

Our Day Will Come

I was recently reminded of this song when it was featured on Thom Hickey’s excellent music blog.
I knew it from my youth, originally released by Ruby and The Romantics, in 1963. I loved it then, and love it just as much today. Few songs can really endure a span of 56 years, with numerous cover versions, each in their own way a significant hit at the time.

The list of artists who also recorded this song is too long to include in full, but here are some highlights.
1963, Bobby Darin
1963 Julie London
1965 Doris Day
1966 Cher
1973 The Carpenters
1975 Frankie Valli
And there were dozens of others too.

You may recall my love for the voice of Amy Winehouse. She also recorded this song, which wasn’t released until after her death, in 2011. So naturally, I am going to feature her version, but I will also add Ruby’s original, because the song is just that good.

32 thoughts on “Significant Songs (183)

  1. Issac Hayes did a ‘Marmite’ (as in you will love it or absolutely hate it) version of ‘Our day’ on his 1970’s ‘To be continued’ album Pete

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  2. I agree about Amy Winehouse’s voice, Pete, but the original cut sounds much better to me. I don’t really remember this song at all, by any of those artists. However, I spotted Darryl Hall’s “Live at Darryl’s House” version in the suggestions below Ruby’s one. I never used to follow him when he was pushing them out with John Oates but having discovered his “House” videos on Youtube, I think he’s pretty good, and the band too.

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      1. I don’t know if it’s just an online thing or whether it is a US TV show. I think it must have been running for years as one or two of his band regulars have since passed away.
        He has done some superb collaborations at his house – I think Cee Lo Green doing the old Hall & Oates number is excellent.

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