Significant Songs (185) and (186)

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Two songs with the same title. Twelve years apart, and they couldn’t be more different. One is from a ‘supergroup’ mentioned earlier this week, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. The other from a London band that started off performing Ska and Bluebeat covers, before becoming one of the most enduring and much-loved groups in Britain.

With the addition of Neil Young, CS&N became CSN&Y, in 1970. Their debut album, ‘Deja Vu’, was a big success, and went on to sell well over eight million copies. The ten tracks on the album feature songs written by various members of the group, in a range of very different styles. Although I liked both the album and the group, I found myself playing certain tracks much more frequently than others.
Especially this one. (This much later live performance is sadly the only one I can access.)

By complete contrast, the wacky Londoners who formed the group Madness were also often known as the ‘nutty boys’, and with good reason. They made the most of the video promotion explosion at the time, delivering some brilliant short films to accompany their single releases. In 1982, they released their fourth album ‘The Rise and Fall’, signifying a change of style and direction. This track was the biggest hit from that album, becoming one of the band’s signature songs to this day.

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      1. Yeah that’s pretty good although I like the Van Morrison one too. For the record I love Come on Eileen. These were the kind of tracks I grew up in. Like I didn’t know them but I remember them and love them. I think also I watched a show here called Young Talent Time so I heard a lot of hits but not performed by the bands. By the way look at that set. I loved those kind of things.

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