Significant Songs (187)

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The majority of songs featured in this series have some relevance to places, times, or events in my life. Memories, good and bad recollections, or just an overall reminder of a certain day or season. Generally, they are all here because I like them of course, but on this occasion I am featuring a song I don’t particularly like, and certainly have never owned.

I wasn’t a big fan of the Hip Hop genre anyway, and by the time this was released by House of Pain, in 1992, I was 40 years old, and rather irked by the fact that this track sampled the classic ‘Harlem Shuffle’, from 1963, as well as others from Junior Walker and Chubby Checker. The song was also heavily featured in advertising for Guinness beer in the UK, and became irritating, to say the least.

So, why is it here?

The simple truth is that like it or not, it is very catchy, and works well too. For over fifteen years, I have found it popping into my head often, usually when least expected. In all honesty, I have to confess that this is the sign of a very effective record. In the interests of balance and fairness, here it is.

47 thoughts on “Significant Songs (187)

  1. Eh, I have never voluntarily listened to hip hop or rap, mostly since 1) it is usually ripoffs of actual music and I don’t want to support that, and 2) it’s usually just some guy’s opinions, not even sung but belligerently presented. *shrug* I don’t see the enjoyment in most of it, since even if it was a friend of mine I couldn’t stand still for it and would ask the person to just cut the frills and tell me what s/he wanted to say, succinctly! I’m glad you did like it for your reasons, and hope you don’t mind my perspective being presented–I don’t mean to be rude.

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      1. So it’s like a virus or disease or ex that doesn’t go away…right now I’m listening to a youtube thing of all greatest hits from a given year, and did 1971 and am now on 1972. I LOVED when they used orchestral sounds in music–right now listening to the O’Jays I think, The Backstabbers. I’m looking forward to the disco era too, got to say–

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          1. There are some songs that strike me as very dated, and some that are just diverting and fun even now, and that one is certainly more timeless and fun to me. There was some weird Louisiana-bayou abomination about a guy whose dad used him for alligator bait, so later the kid would kill them, even though it was illegal and then blahblah…never made it big in NJ when I was growing up. We went to a penny arcade and played the pinball games, and the big kids played the jukebox, and I am trying to find what song happened when–hence the chronology videos. They have 3 hours or so from each year, so the selection is great.

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      1. Strange, I’ve been haunted by the “Green Acres” theme, along with the complete lyrics, for over a week now. And yesterday at Town Square, here in Las Vegas, I told the concierge that the words “Town Square” were uttered by Eva Gabor in the theme song’s lyrics. She’d never even heard of the show…

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