Significant Songs (189)


I think of this as a one-hit wonder, as I can never recall if Fairground Attraction had another hit, or if I ever listened to any more of their songs. However, vocalist Eddi Reader gained a large fan base, which she took into a solo career that continues to this day. As well as being a singer songwriter, Eddi branched out into acting, and also became known for her activity on the political scene in Scotland. In 2006 she received the M.B.E., for her services to the arts.

But I digress.

Back in 1988, songs like this one were not my thing at all. It was number one in the charts, and held placings in the top twenty for three months after that. It was also the winner of the Brit Award for Best Single, in 1989. I managed to ignore it for a while, but constant radio plays finally drove it into my head, where it has stayed ever since. When I hear it again now, I actually like it.

26 thoughts on “Significant Songs (189)

  1. Wow only 1989, it sounds like something from the 50s. I think I have a similar feelings about the song. Its been used in advertising and its kind of catchy. I love how sometimes I hear and old song and decide I like it because its from a certain era when at the time I didn’t particularly care for it.

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  2. Catchy ear-worm songs like this are like musical big macs: you know they’re not good for you but you eat one anyway and afterwards wished you hadn’t. I found the antidote some while ago – Radio 3. 🙂

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      1. It’s the best. I started tuning in regularly while I was listening to “world music”, when we would go to Womad festival, and also for Andy Kershaw’s brilliant programme before he fell from grace. Then there is the three nights a week “Late Junction” which is as eclectic as you can get though it’s been a bit hit and miss since taking on more presenters – there used to be just two very knowledgeable and intelligent women alternating each week. Then for the last ten years or so, I’m listening to more jazz which is also featured on the station. But, yes, classical is still the main genre but I enjoy that too.
        Mostly in the car now I’ll listen to my memory stick which has well over 500 songs on it.

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