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I have now reached the end of almost 19,000 words of the fictional serial ‘Street Life’. For those of you who want to read it in its entirety, I have put the whole thing into one huge post too, ‘Street Life: The Complete Story’. Writing fiction on a blog, is something of a mixed blessing. It has its fans, that’s evident, but also puts off many occasional or potential new readers, especially those who don’t tend to read books or stories online. Also, the need to write at least 1000 words a day to keep interest in a serial is not the usual task associated with everyday blogging.

Sixteen episodes of one story is a big ask for any blog followers, and it has been an absolute delight for me to see how many of you have stuck with it, read every episode, and left comments too. I was particularly touched by having so many readers genuinely invest in the story’s characters, and worry about them in many cases too. From the point of view of the person writing, this is all I could have hoped for, and more.

For now, I will give myself, and my readers, a rest from fiction, and return to complete the A-Z challenge, look up some old songs in my head, and no doubt complain about the weather occasionally too. This blog will return to ‘Business As Usual’ for the time being, with my sincere thanks to everyone who made writing that serial such a rewarding experience.

30 thoughts on “Fictional Blogging

  1. You can make calculated guess but it is hard to predict what people will respond to. I hope to read Street Life but I want to do it right and at the moment it is hard to find the time and I don’t want to read a piece here or there. I have a similar problem I think with the BIFF posts because they rang from 1200 words to 2000. Rarely reviews go that long these days. Hence why I’ve broken them up and spaced them out but I sympathise with the amount of work you put into a fictional piece and then a quick note a walk with Ollie will get more likes. πŸ™‚

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  2. I find it a bit difficult to manage a number of episodes in a story as I don’t always manage to get to my blog everyday during the week. I do love your short stories thought, Pete.

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  3. You know I enjoyed it. I’m full of admiration for how you managed to produce a chapter every day of pretty polished prose. I couldn’t do it. I’m still thinking about Candy and Jack – and trying not to think about Terry!

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  4. Like a horror movie, some aspects of writing are hard for me for many reasons (know too much, seen too much, done, well I’ll stop there) and I close my eyes. What I did manage was beautifully written and the kind of writing one falls into and becomes part of. Thank you.

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