Significant Songs (191)

It Must Be Love

Back in 1971, I rarely bought any records in the genre often called ‘Easy Listening’. However, I was often tempted by those little devils known as ‘One Hit Wonders’. As I was driving around a lot at the time, the car radio was always on, and some songs seemed to get a lot more plays than others. My Dad worked in the record business, and I had heard that this was as a result of disc jockeys being paid to promote particular songs, by people known as ‘pluggers’. Now I am not suggesting this is what happened here, but I had certainly never heard of Labi Siffre, before this song was released.

With the benefit of the Internet, I can now tell you that he was a Londoner, a Jazz guitarist during the 1960s, and later released four albums and sixteen singles, though this was his only hit. He is still around, now aged 75.

Ten years later, the song was covered by the London group, Madness. With a promotional video, and the band riding a storm of popularity, their version became a huge hit, and one of the signature songs associated with them. Poor Labi had been forgotten, it seemed. But he is in the video, playing a violin! πŸ™‚ And it must have made him a nice few quid too.

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      1. In the days bit torrent was safe (oops did I say that out loud) I found him in a bundle for sharing by someone in the UK – can’t remember what there’s so much on my system I’d need to di it up, but he pops up, Thank you for the post, cheers, Paul

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