An A-Z of Actors: Y

Quite a few to choose from in ‘Y’, and most of them have the surname ‘Young’. So, I will limit my choices to just three this time, leaving room for you to add your favourites.

Susannah York was a British actress who rose to fame during the period known as ‘The Swinging Sixties’. She graduated from RADA in London, in 1958, and was soon starting out on a long stage and film career, with her first film role in ‘Tunes Of Glory’ (1960), which starred Alec Guinness. The following year she starred opposite Kenneth More in ‘The Greengage Summer’, and later appeared in the award winning film ‘Tom Jones’ (1963). During this time she also appeared regularly on television dramas in the UK, and in stage productions too. In 1968, she co-starred as the young lesbian lover of Beryl Reid, in the landmark film ‘The Killing Of Sister George’, and the following year won a BAFTA for her role in ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t they?’
She continued to work until 2009, with her last film part in ‘The Calling’. Sadly dying of Cancer in 2011, at the age of 72.

American Robert Young will be known to many as the kindly doctor from the television series ‘Marcus Welby, M.D.’, but he had a very long career. Starting out in local theatres, and as an extra in silent films, he was signed by MGM, and appeared in a ‘Charlie Chan’ film in 1931, the first of over 100 more film roles. Although he rarely starred, his support was always notable, and he was also used to fill spots in many ‘B’ films, used for the popular ‘double features’ of the time. Some of his many film appearances include ‘Western Union’ (1941), ‘The Canterville Ghost’ (1944), and ‘The Forsyte saga’ (1949). But he will undoubtedly be best-remembered for his long-running TV series. He died in 1998.

Michael York is an English actor, and star of many well-known films. He began in theatre, and later worked in both films and on television. Well-spoken, he frequently played in period dramas, and was often cast as the typical English gentleman. From 1967, until becoming ill in 2013, he rarely stopped working, and his list of credits includes Losey’s film ‘Accident’ (1967), ‘Zeppelin’ (1971), and ‘Cabaret’ (1972), with a starring role opposite Liza Minnelli. He also starred in ‘Logan’s Run’ (1975), ‘The Riddle Of The Sands’ (1979), and ‘The Return Of The Musketeers’ (1989). His career was later reinvigorated, when he appeared with Mike Myers in all three of the ‘Austin Powers’ films.

51 thoughts on “An A-Z of Actors: Y

  1. You did it again Pete. You are almost at the end of the alphabet. Sorry for not participating. I am not so familiar with so many actors and actresses since I seldom watch movies.

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  2. The doctor who delivered my daughter was named Robert Young. I had such wonderful associations with the name because of the actor, I transferred my affection to him. Fortunately he was a wonderful doctor.


    1. Thanks, Pauline. David Yip was very good in ‘the Chinese Detective’. I watched it all, and enjoyed the series. He has also been in many films, including ‘Indiana Jones’ (1984), ‘A View To A kill’ (1985), and ‘Entrapment’ (1995). He is still acting, now aged 67.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. I had a lot of York’s in my head, but decided to stay with Dick York, Henny Youngman and ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic (not sure he acted except during his comedy act, but what can you expect from me – right?)

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    1. I have seen most of those, but didn’t know Yelchin’s name. Thanks for adding ‘Mr Fat’, though his surname is actually Chow, as the Chinese names are in reverse order. 🙂 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. I was teasing of course, but Chow is the surname really. 🙂
          “Modern Chinese names consist of a surname known as xing (姓, xìng), which comes first and is usually but not always monosyllabic, followed by a personal name called ming (名, míng), which is nearly always mono- or disyllabic. Prior to the 20th century, educated Chinese also utilized a “courtesy name” or “style name” called zi (字, zì) by which they were known among those outside their family and closest friends.” (Wikipedia)

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  4. I’ll go with Michael York and Sean Young… Among Michael York’s many films is “Fedora” (1978), which intrigues me. I would also very much like to see “Bone Tomahawk” (2015), whose cast includes Sean Young.

    While looking up Y actors, I came across Clara Kimball Young (1890-1960), an apparently famous silent film star. She made tons of movies, thirty-eight of them in 1913 alone! I don’t know how long any of these films were (or how good), but I found some interesting titles:
    “Why Women Go on the Warpath, or, Why Jonesville Went Dry”: (1913)
    “The Fates and Flora Fourflush” (1914)
    “Some Steamer Scooping” (1914)
    “The Silver Snuff Box” (1914)

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  5. Well…I second Fraggle’s choices…Both are on my list as well (not only the actors, but the movies being named are totally great as well 😊). And Michael York is just amazing..such a talented actor 😊

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      1. Thanks Pete…I already began to notice the fact that my comments were disappearing. It’s an issue that has happened to me three times in the past. It usually lasts a day and then things are back to normal. But it’s quite annoying.
        Thanks for rescuing my comment and for letting me now 😊

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  6. Great choices Pete. Susannah York would have been my choice of the top of my head. A fine actress. The only actor I could think of without the surname Young is Dwight Yoakam. He was great in Sling Blade. He’s been in some other stuff too, but I can’t think of what…?

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