Significant Songs (193)

Wouldn’t It Be Good

Back in 1984, Nik Kershaw was a new sensation. One of those good-looking, floppy-haired boys whose photo was on the walls of a thousand bedrooms, and gracing the covers of various teen magazines. As well as writing his own songs, he also wrote for others, including the Chesney Hawkes hit ‘The One and Only’. The single preceded the album it came from, ‘Human Racing’, which was released later.

I was not someone who tended to like this style of performer, or those songs constantly plugged with well made music videos, shown on a loop on MTV. But something about this song really got to me, with its electronic music, and ‘big finish’ crescendo. Nik appeared on Live Aid the following year, singing this same track. Since then he has worked with Elton John, Sia, Gary Barlow, and many more, as well as releasing follow-up albums over the years. But he never achieved the same success as a solo artist again.

40 thoughts on “Significant Songs (193)

    1. Kershaw had a good reputation (still has) as a musician and songwriter. He was around at the time when ‘good-looking boys’ were all the rage, but otherwise there was little comparison. George Michael was such a huge star, that even when he ‘came out’ as being Gay, it had no effect on his enduring fan base.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. The video doesn’t show for me here, but (forgive the capitals) I LOVE IT AND THINK IT VERY TOUCHING. It was always a rather poignant song, even without the video. Thanks for posting it.

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  2. Could not recall this one (had a 4-year-old by that time) and because of copyright whatever couldn’t see on the link here so I went to YouTube. A much older Kershaw with way less hair played this with Howard Jones. Pretty song. Thanks for the memory.

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