Significant Songs (196)

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Sometimes, a song doesn’t have to be old, to be significant to me. Last year, I watched a ‘cold case’ detective thriller on British television. It was called ‘Unforgotten’, and follows a team of detectives investigating unsolved historical murders. The song accompanying the opening credits was haunting, but as is usually the case, it doesn’t last very long. I forgot to look it up at the time, but heard it in my mind for a long time after.

This year, there is a new series, so I was reminded to research the song. It is by a British duo called Oh Wonder, who are apparently very successful, and something of a You Tube phenomenon. I had never heard of them, and they had escaped my musical radar completely. But the combination of the male and female voices backed by piano and electronic effects really gets inside your head. So I was pleased to be able to finally track down the complete song.

25 thoughts on “Significant Songs (196)

  1. really love oh wonder, they have a very unique sound and their songs are perfect for setting a nice relaxing vibe. if you liked all we do by oh wonder, you should also check our ultralife, lose it and body gold – all very chill and calming songs!

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  2. The song is so soothing. Listening it on a loop now. The show premise sounds pretty intriguing. 🙂 Sad, won’t be able to see it in my country if it’s not on Netflix/Amazon Prime.

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  3. Fantastic to hear. It’s such an evocative sound and I’ve loved it when watching the episodes too. Thanks for bringing the full song to our attention.

    Isn’t the series great too? I’ve loved every one. Excellent cast and some wonderful acting.

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