Who is your ‘Worst Briton’?

I have had a request from my American blogging friend, chuq, over at https://lobotero.com/

He is a predominantly political blogger who writes a lot about the situation in the Middle East, and the current politics in America. Anti-Trump, pro-peace, and a history buff too. He served in Vietnam during that war, and has a lot of experience working in hotspots too. Prompted by an online article, he would like to know who the British readers consider to be their ‘Worst Briton’. If you are in Britain, or live elsewhere but come from here, please give that some thought, and add your own choices in the comments.

Here are some examples of my own ‘Worst Britons’, to give you an idea.

Edward VIII/ Duke of Windsor. A treasonous Nazi-loving member of the Royal Family.

Margaret Thatcher. The hideous woman who ruined this country during her time as Prime Minister.

Tony Blair. That odious, self-seeking man who destroyed the Labour Party.

King Charles I. A man so vain, he led the country into civil war, rather than recant his ‘divine right’ to rule.

They can be historical figures, entertainers, current personalities, political leaders, murderers, sports stars, criminals. Anything you like, as long as they are British.

Thanks in advance, Pete.

71 thoughts on “Who is your ‘Worst Briton’?

  1. Thatcher is definitely right up there.

    I know that Theresa May is a new kid but I cannot bear her. Her time as Home Secretary is filled with policies that suggest that she literally has no soul. I am not sure how someone who engineered a system that rips children away from their families in much the same way that Trump has, has not been subjected to the same scrutiny and revulsion. Her self-seeking early election shows that she has no concept of what goes on in the minds of normal people and she’s now busy rubbing herself up against Jaco Rhys-Mogg, who would is from a different century.

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    1. Rees-Mogg is an odious person, that’s undeniable. I think May is less calculating than Thatcher, but still an old-school ‘know better’ Tory. I would happily hang them all! 🙂
      They better hope I never take over…
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. There are plenty to choose from but for me it was Thatcher. She promoted ‘Greed is good’ politics and with a callousness that was startling she treated us working class people like filth. She really did. Major/Cameron/May continued on with her legacy.

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  3. Great post 🙂 Would you consider Martin Bashir to be a contender on that list given how he has treated high profile people when has conducted interviews with them? Case in point, the 2003 interview with Michael Jackson. Even those who did not care for MJ thought that Bashir was treating him like garbage. Here is the original interview in case you never saw it

    And here is the parody of it done by Rowan Atkinson (as Martin Bashir) and Lenny Henry (as Michael Jackson)

    Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. That’s not as safe a bet as you’d think. A lot of people think Jack the Ripper wasn’t British at all. American H.H. Holmes is one of the more popular candidates for being Jack. Others think some Eastern European (Polish ?) drifter was Jack.

      Besides, Thatcher & her policies (just the Falkland War alone) are responsible for the deaths of far more East Enders than Jack ever was. Jack was a total amateur next to Maggie.

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  4. Top of my list is Thatcher. The repercussions from her time in power will be felt by generations to come. I can’t bear to think about her…
    Tony Blair is high up the list, too. What a huge disappointment he turned out to be – though, at least Scotland got devolution in his time.
    David Cameron for being too scared of losing Tory voters to Ukip and getting us into this whole Brexit nightmare. And Theresa May is up there in the hate (and despise) chart, too.

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    1. Elizabeth, that’s very interesting to me, as I am a fan of that Yorkist king. I don’t think he killed the princes, and was badly served by History, and Shakespeare ; both spouting old propaganda. In retrospect, he was probably one of our better ‘Norman’ kings, but I completely understand your reasoning, based on the apparent ‘evidence’. After he was killed at Bosworth, we were stuck with Welsh Kings and Queens, until the death of Elizabeth the First. (Your namesake)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. He’s not that popular, Elizabeth. Most opinion considers him to be weak, and an appeaser, a man duped or browbeaten by the Nazis. Others think he was trying to buy time to prepare for the war that seemed inevitable. I’m going with weak, but he did take us to war once Germany invaded Poland, and made the declaration speech that we always hear.
          Thanks for the suggestion.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. I was in the Navy in Scotland when Thatcher was in office. Her relationship with Ronald Reagan was famous. I am not a political animal. In fact, I despise politics as it only brings about the worst in people with hate verbiage rising on both sides in inglorious fashion. The only outcome from a discussion about it is the refinement of one’s obnoxious traits.

    I couldn’t remember what Thatcher had done to earn the hate of so many, so I found this article helpful.


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    1. Thanks for the link, Cindy. I don’t have a lot of ‘real’ hate in me, but I hated that woman with a vengeance.

      Ironically, I worked for the Metropolitan Police Diplomatic Protection Group when they provided armed protection for her and her London home, until her death. (Two officers, 24 hours a day. One inside, one outside, that’s how hated she was) She was stricken with confusion as an old woman, and I regularly spoke to her daughter Carol on the phone, when there were issues we had to deal with.
      But I could feel no compassion for the woman who ruined so much of this country, and I was very glad when she died.

      Best wishes, Pete. x


    1. He is fairly unpopular, in all honesty. (Especially with me, as he also shares my surname)
      He tries to come across as an affable buffoon, but deep down he is just another black-hearted old- school Tory. Thanks for your suggestion, Michael.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Jimmy Savile
    Margaret Thatcher (for a female PM she did bloody little for women)
    Ian Paisley
    Ian Brady and Myra Hindley
    Fred and Rosemary West
    in fact any serial killer and/or child killer/abuser.

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  7. I’d rather give thought to who was the best. I bet different people would put some of these characters in opposing lists.
    On the whole, though, most are just that – characters. Cartoons we’ve accepted from the history writers (the ones we didn’t live through) or the media.
    I’m not a political animal, but I remember the first Tony Blair interview I saw on TV news (I think he was shadow Business Secretary or similar). I thought what a supercilious, smug b******* he was.
    I was working in Islington when he became Prime Minister and you would have thought it was the second coming. I kept my mouth shut. I couldn’t understand how so many people could have been taken in by this con man.
    He certainly started the pendulum swinging. Here’s hoping it settles in our lifetime.

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  8. Reblogged this on In Saner Thought and commented:
    This is a re-blog of a post my dear friend Pete did on his blog…I read a n article and sent it to him and asked if it would be interesting to see what others in the UK thought….I appreciate all his hard work on this and I look forward to the comments……chuq

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    1. Check back later, when everyone is up and about. 🙂 Hopefully, the weekend should generate some more comments, unless nobody else has a ‘worst Briton’. 🙂
      I will edit the names into a list later, and send it to you, as well as adding links to anyone you may not know.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks for your suggestion. His reputation outside the UK doesn’t necessarily transfer here. He is actually on the original article’s list as one of the worst. 🙂
      Aristocratic, egotistical, a political side-changer, and a disaster during WW1, with the 1915 Gallipoli campaign. After 1945, he was quickly dumped by the British electors, who saw right through him at the time.
      Best wishes, Pete.


        1. He had that wartime connection with Roosevelt, and has had a lot of films made about him too.
          It’s understandable that many Americans regard him as a significant figure, if the war years of 1939-45 are all they are referencing.
          (I suspect that a lot of my regular British readers might be on holiday at the moment.)
          Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Also this is why, for the most part I keep my mouth shut about politics. I am always at odds with everybody else. No idea why I stuck my neck out! Thanks for not chopping my head off. Too much.

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