Accelerated Decrepitude: A Re-Post

I came across this old post, from 2013. I appear to have been in a bit of a state at the time, and now I am five years older!

I seem to be developing a condition shared by J.F. Sebastian, and the Replicants, in the film ‘Blade Runner’; namely, accelerated decrepitude. The rapid advancement of the symptoms of old age continues to rampage through my physical person, exaggerating the slightest conditions into ones that are immediately debilitating. I had hoped that this move to the countryside would endow me with increased abilities, and banish many of my previous maladies. It seems that the reverse is true, and country living is only highlighting my limitations, and driving me down to new lows.

I have recently mentioned the sudden onset of eczema. What started as an itchy chest, now looks set to consume my entire skin surface. Currently, only my face is spared; though the sight of the rash appearing around the base of my neck makes me feel that it won’t be too long before assimilation is complete. The chemicals prescribed by my doctor do not seem to be helping much. I have turned instead to organic remedies; in particular, a balm made from various herbs, including St John’s Wort, encased in a paste of beeswax. If it doesn’t cure the rash, it may make me more attractive to honey bees.

I was woken by a severe cramp in my right leg recently, more painful than any I had previously experienced. I realised immediately that I had to get out of bed, and get that leg straightened. I jumped out, and assumed the characteristic pose of the flamingo, perched on one leg, with the other thrashing back and forth, like a rugby player attempting numerous shots at goal. (Perhaps I should not compare this to a flamingo at all, on reflection. That elegant and sedate bird is unlikely to be flattered by being likened to a flabby 60-odd year old man, cavorting naked around a bedroom in a Norfolk village.) These strange antics achieved mixed results. I did manage to reduce the cramp, and diminish the pain. But in doing so, I also happened to pull the calf muscle in my right leg, which has now hurt me all week.

I have previously mentioned my increasing dependency on reading glasses. This has now become an obsession. I always have to know where they are, and have them to hand at any time. This became ridiculous earlier this week, when I wanted to look at some post that had just arrived. I went into the living room to fetch my glasses, and could not find them. I began a systematic search of all the rooms, even though I was fully aware that I had not been into at least three of them. After a search that would have graced a crime scene investigation, I became annoyed, and resolved to get the spare pair, from my car in the driveway outside. I found the keys and walked over to the car, immediately dropping them, as I went to point the ‘beeper’ at the lock. Bending down to retrieve them, I noticed something else fall nearby. It was the lost glasses; they had been on my head all the time. I felt as if I was in a scene from an unfunny sitcom, and decided that I had finally become a cross between Mr Magoo, and Terry Scott.

Plagued by the itchy rash at night, I have been unable to sleep properly, resulting in my staying up even later than usual, and trying to doze on the sofa. I have avoided the bedroom, as my constant unconscious scratching does little to help, and only serves to keep poor Julie awake, before she has a long day at work. This strange half-waking existence has meant that I spend most of the day in a haze, get little or nothing done, and become even more forgetful, with life going in a constant, downward spiral.

I confess that I am always wondering what will happen next. What exacerbation of ailment, or arrival of new illness can I expect to greet tomorrow? I can only repeat my previous exhortation to all of you lucky enough to still be under forty years of age. Do it all now. Whatever it is, get it done while you are still capable of doing it. Before you know it, you will be a member of an unfortunate club. One that I appear to have joined, along with J.F.Sebastian and the Nexus-6 variants.

26 thoughts on “Accelerated Decrepitude: A Re-Post

  1. Good Morning Pete: I have two comments about this post. First at your age, (not to mention mine) being attractive to anything is a bonus. Don’t molest the bees. Second. When I retired, I met a much older fellow. He heard I was retiring and said, “Old age is not for sissies.” Boy did he nail it.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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  2. I wasn’t sure if things really go downhill more quickly or if we just notice them more with less going on in our lives (although the ‘less’ seems to take up more of my time…). But replacing a photo I only took around seven years ago was a salutary lesson in acceleration; I’m sure I never changed so much so quickly in previous decades. (Maybe I just wasn;t taking that much notice.)
    Once you’re on that downward path, gravity seems to take over and you’re fumbling for the brakes.
    My husband is awaiting a coronary bypass and deteriorates visibly each day. I wouldn’t have thought such a rapid decline was possible if I wasn’t watching it happen. I’m hoping he’ll make it to the op and doesn’t just fail to wake up one morning.

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    1. I am so sorry to hear about your husband, Cathy. Compared to that, my own woes from five years ago are insignificant. I can only send my hope that he gets the operation soon, and makes a full recovery.
      Photos are telling indeed. The difference between the one for my bus pass, aged 62, and the one on my passport ten years earlier was staggering. I looked like a completely different person.
      But it is the backs of my hands that now really mark me as ‘old’. I look at them as I type on this blog, and can hardly believe they are mine.
      Best wishes, and fingers crossed! Pete.


  3. “(…) it may make me more attractive to honey bees.” ***lol***
    Don’t be a hypochondriac, Pete! One is just getting older, and climate change is also contributing to this. Look at the politicans. Isnt this crazy too? 😉
    Have you ever tried a magnesium preparation? Top athletes take it against muscle cramps. Have a nice Sunday. Michael

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  4. I wasn’t blogging at the time that you wrote this post, so it was nice to read an older post from you (had to laugh about that sentence of making you more attractive to honey bees😂😂). Hope that things are going better now than they were back then, and it’s nice to see the Bladerunner reference (Love that movie 😊😊).

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