A Non-Tweeted Twitter Thank You.

This is by way of once again saying a big “Thank You” to everyone who regularly re-tweets the tweets of my posts on this blog. I try to keep up by ‘Liking’ your re-tweets, but never seem to have time to actually send you all a message.

So; David Prosser, Olga, Robbie, Dannie Hill, David Miller, Felicity, Thom, Teagan, and many more who are not mentioned, but no less important, I just wanted to let you know you are all very much appreciated.

I am not really that ‘up’ on Twitter. I just use it for advertising my posts, and widening the audience for the blog. But if any of you want me to follow you on Twitter, (If I do not do so already) then just add your Twitter name in the comments, and I will happily become one of your followers.

In case anyone wondered, mine is @beetleypete

As long as you are content with my lack of interaction on that platform. 🙂

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.

27 thoughts on “A Non-Tweeted Twitter Thank You.

  1. Thanks, Pete. Twitter is one of the places I visit often, and although I never know how many people get to see my Tweets, I just automatically share anything I find interesting, as I always do with your posts. All the best.

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  2. I didn’t know you were on twitter, but just added you 😊😊 I am the same by the way: don’t do much there either except tweet my posts, and ocasionally respond to other bloggers 😀 It’s nice of you to thank all these people! 😀

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  3. Thanks for the acknowledgment, Pete. You have been very kind to promote my writing, so it’s only fitting that, when I’m particularly impressed by a blog post of yours, I tweet a link to beetleypete. I hope that you gain a few new followers in the process!

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      1. I don’t have to worry about widening the audience for my blog. I have three faithful friends who respond to the things I write and I am very well pleased and totally blessed by them.

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