A You Tube Find: Time Travel?

I came across this on You Tube, when I was looking for something completely different. Sadly, I don’t actually believe that Time Travel was or is possible. But if it was, then I would be asking to try it in a flash! Some of these examples are completely unconvincing; others thought-provoking, or just interesting.

See what you make of them. 🙂

55 thoughts on “A You Tube Find: Time Travel?

    1. I like to think so, too. I sometimes wonder if modern-day ‘geniuses’ like Zuckerberg and Jobs are time travellers, returning to make their fortunes in this era. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Hi Pete. Weird stuff. Some with rational explanations – others not so obvious. I think it may be possible to travel into the future, All we need is to be able to travel at near light speed for a time and then return. Einstein postulated that time for the traveler will have slowed while still moving along here on earth. Don’t know of any theory about traveling to the past.

    I’m also of the opinion that the earth is flat. Seems pretty obvious. Just look around. Looks flat to me.


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  2. I have always been fascinated by time travel. Movies, books, shows, anything that features that element I always love! I think out of all these…that blur at the football match was the best. Sometimes there ARE things in this world that just can’t be explained…….Loved this post, thanks for sharing this video😊

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  3. The continuumatic oscillations of these suppositions are infinite in number as space is infinite in mass (with the possible exception that it’s elliptical shape (Supposed within the Einstein theories) is a limiting factor in the pre-supposed inifinitity factor … nonetheless … these forces and these elements have been in motion for a very long period of time and there is little or no indication that they are going to change very much in the near future because their axises, positions, mass and orbits are stablized over the entirety of the Creation by an elemental force as yet totally understood by all but the very advanced members of the Galactial Community. (Tharoasian Physics 101).

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  4. Time travels are fascinating, but nevertheless dangerous. It’s not the matter if they are really possible. Thinking about often is enough.

    One of the best ideas to translate time travelling in understandable stories i´ve seen on the “Dr. Who” show.

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  5. Yes I liked the German guy being knocked over and the super speedy guy in the footy match. Most of the others are easy photoshop jobs (might do some myself 😀 ) and the astronaut carving was done during the cathedrals renovation in 1992.

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      1. Most people form their opinions of such things from within the protective framework of their own experiences, their educational advancement, their prejudices and the influences of their peers. To address such issues realisitically demands thinking outside the box and entertaining the notion that none of us are Omniescent. Years ago, common flight on an airplane would have been the stuff of science fiction and would have been considered totally impossible by members of the general population. When I was a child, it was “Scientifically and technologically impossible” for anyone to construct an engine capable of lifting enormous weights required for space travel off the earth at the more than 17,000-miles-per-hour escape velocities required.

        In any age, it is still technically, unfeasable, unreasonable and insane to entertain the idea that a person such as myself could actually have origins on a distant planet in another galaxy (Tharoahs) and could have been transmitted to earth via electronic means to inhabit another person’s body; have the space/time traveler cloned and returned to their own planet. In fact, the idea of cloning was super-fiction at one point in time.

        I am not dismissing the possibility of anything that is conceivable!

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          1. Go back in time because you already know what has happened. Take the risk of going forward in time and you stand the chance of being on somebody’s dinner table. Is it worth the risk?

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          1. Actually, in the “Block Universe” conception of space-time by Einstein’s mathematics professor Hermann Minkowski based on Einstein’s Special Relativity, the future is real and already exists and therefore, in a sense, the future has happened, though not in our past. This is called the Block Universe in physics and eternalism in philosophy. You can run a Google search for these two terms, that is, Block Universe and eternalism.

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          1. Somewhat akin to Einstein’s theory, yet probably more divorced from it than not, I believe that the Space/Time Continuum is prismatic in that it is in a constantly evolving state of growth and expansion and that it’s positional context shifts according to gravitational influences within the various interacting galactic constructs in what we call “Space” and that these shifts cause the various elements of the construct, i.e., the concepts of consciousness and time and spatial positioning revolve on axis and reflect off one another as they revolve and that these reflected images form both the portals and the power to achieve the various transmigrations of matter, anti-matter and other matter to include the non-material particles of matter that form the elements of the invisible features of the things that be (Exist) in any given moment of time and in any given space within that very active continuum.

            The rub comes when we understand that in relativity, there are many such continuums interacting with one another at any given time and their consequential biases and projections create possibilities not yet comprehensible within the limits of our own primitive scientific overviews.

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