40 thoughts on “Oh Sheep!: Short film, great message

  1. I finally got to watch it. Yes, there seems to be a message … some kind of propaganda about conflict caused by differences in appearances. If that is the message then hear this: This is a problem that has always been and will always be. If that was not the message, then shame on the idiotic likes of me.

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    1. That was part of the message of course, John. Also about the forced separation of peoples, and the age-old problem of causing differences, and then highlighting them.
      It is indeed a problem that always has and perhaps always will be. But films like this might hope to influence a change in attitudes, so that seems to me to be a good thing.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Hello! Yes ***lol*** We began using this name 15 years in the past. Now we saw there is a yogurt from Danone with the name, a music group in Australia, and much more. Yes, its Greek, with the translated meaning of “at home”. Since four years something like the mission statement of our German and Bavarian government too. ***lol*** “Heimat”. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

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