Sheringham: Escaping the power cut

(All photos can be enlarged, by clicking on them, so please do.)

The proposed power cut went ahead yesterday, as arranged. Despite a good weather forecast, the day started drizzly and damp. So as soon as we lost the electricity, we drove down to Yaxham Waters Holiday Park, to get a great breakfast in their attractive cafe. Full to the brim, we drove back to collect Ollie, who was excited to be going out in the car.

We decided on Sheringham, some 23 miles north, and just over thirty minutes by car. This is a popular old-fashioned holiday town, with a selection of shops and cafes, as well as a good-sized car park. As we made our way there on near-deserted roads, the sun was trying to break through. By the time we arrived and parked the car, it was warm enough to leave behind my light jacket, and proceed into town wearing a top and shorts!

Ollie was excited by all the new smells, unfamiliar dogs, and small crowds. Despite a stony beach, unlike those further west in Norfolk, the town was still busy with day trippers making the most of unusual October weather. By the lifeboat station, there is a mural of its history.

Ollie was getting puffed out with all that smelling, so we stopped to give him some water from his bowl that we had taken with us.

Because of coastal erosion, the town has installed some significant sea defences. (Sorry about the flare in the top left)

The tide was still high, but you can clearly see the pebble beach. The man in the orange outfit was collecting any rubbish left behind, and he was very thorough.

After the beach walk, we stopped for a cup of tea at a cafe on top of the small cliffs, and by the time we got home, just after 3 pm, the power was back on. All in all, a great excuse for a day out. 🙂

54 thoughts on “Sheringham: Escaping the power cut

  1. “The tide was still high, but you can clearly see the pebble beach…”

    When I magnified one of the photos, I saw an attractive blonde struggling in the water, and was able to read her lips…

    “The tide is high but I’m holdin’ on…”

    I’m guessing that she’s not the kind of girl who gives up just like that. Oh no!

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    1. He only likes to drink from his own bowl! He is not so big, 27 kilos, a ‘medium’ dog. If you look on my ‘About’ page, you will see a photo of us together, and be able to estimate the size.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. A sea wall….we had one since 1947 and the tax that went with it until recently……it has done little to stop erosion….but hey someone made a buck or two…..Ollie is lucky…a doggie day trip….they do love the car and the new experiences huh? Great pics…..chuq

    Liked by 1 person

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