Ollie and The Lumberjacks

Yesterday, I took Ollie out for a change of scene. A drive of just over an hour, down to Thetford Forest. It was a lovely day, despite a chilly breeze, so it made sense to get out, and take a break from the routine walk around Beetley Meadows.

I forgot my camera though, so that was yet another photo opportunity missed.

I also managed to get lost on the forest paths, after wandering aimlessly, and not concentrating on where I was going. I doubled back, sure that retracing my steps would see us right. But I was embarrassed to discover that I was nowhere near where I had started, and had been walking in the wrong direction entirely. Not that Ollie was in the least concerned, as he was certain that I must know where we were going.

Luckily, I spotted some Forestry Commission workers, busy felling trees with chainsaws. I am not too proud to admit to someone I was lost, so approached them to ask directions. But Ollie wasn’t too fond of their chainsaws, and they kindly turned them off to hear my question. With their help, I managed to find the car park in less than ten minutes. Had I carried on without asking them, I have no idea where we would have ended up.

I am planning to go and look at a 11th century motte and bailey fort today, in a place called Castle Acre. I will try to remember my camera this time.

And try not to get lost too.

47 thoughts on “Ollie and The Lumberjacks

  1. All human beings are programmed to automatically walk in large circles when they are out in a place that is large and remote and they don’t know where they are going. They usually walk until they arrive again at the point from which they started.

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  2. Not the same as being lost, but… Back in 1994-95, when I was hanging around in Paris, France, there were a couple of occasions where Parisians asked me for directions to some place they couldn’t find! I knew the city well at that time, and sometimes just took them there!

    I think the word “lost” is relative. You may have lost the trail, but you knew you were in Thetford Forest.

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  3. Well…I once got lost in my home town while visiting a friend during winter time. The most embarassing thing was me having to call my friend to come pick me up because I had no idea where I was (good times lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) So…I guess it can always be worse πŸ˜‰
    Looking forward to the pictures you will be sharing next! 😊😊

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  4. I can understand the ‘getting lost bit’. I think I navigated getting around better with the old paper maps than I do with Google Maps or MapQuest!!! I’ve met a lot of nice people asking directions though.

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