After Christmas

I have started to say it already. I caught myself doing it the other day. Putting off something that I really should be arranging or doing, and using one of those eternal excuses that I have in my repertoire. I will do that ‘After Christmas’. I vary this by sometimes saying, ‘When we have got Christmas over with’, or ‘Once Christmas is out the way’, but the intention is always to delay, using what I have long considered to be a solid excuse.

Since my teens, I have made good use of seasonal events to assist my compulsive procrastination. The summer provides one of the best. ‘When we come back from holiday’. That traditional two-week break was very useful indeed, as I could look months ahead, and not do something until I had returned from a couple of weeks in Greece, Turkey, or any other foreign destination. Of course, once I was home, I could then throw in my secondary armament with a pledge to do it ‘After Christmas’. If things worked out, I never had to do whatever it was at all.

I might even use the ‘marginals’, those things that don’t really qualify as natural stumbling blocks. ‘I will do that after Easter’ was a good one. I don’t even celebrate Easter, and even if I did, it’s just one weekend. Even more clutching at straws came with ‘After my birthday’. I could use that single day in March to avoid doing so many things. All it took was a lifetime of practice.

But now it is almost November, so I can dust off the ‘Big One’. Christmas. I don’t even like Christmas, but it is the longest-running festival, and one that most people seem to readily agree is an excuse to delay something. For some reason, ‘After Christmas’ is a socially-acceptable reason for putting off almost anything you can name.

All I have to do after that, is to wait until it isn’t too early to blame my birthday.

43 thoughts on “After Christmas

  1. When I was working this seemed to be true: “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Now that I’m retired it’s more challenging to come up with the right ‘due dates’ for things so I just keep updating my lists, and the most boring things keep getting transferred to the next list. I don’t even try to come up with good excuses. 😉

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  2. I finished trimming the palm trees in September. A lot of new equipment was involved (pole saw, pruner, harness, lanyards, cables, gloves, etc.), and it’s all been lying in a heap inside the house. I’m not sure where to put it! The garage is bursting at the seams (at least I saved a spot for the ladder). For over a month now I’ve been saying, “I’ll clean up this mess after I’ve finished writing Chapter 1.” Yikes! I finished the chapter two days ago, and tweaked a few lines yesterday. It’s done! Done, done, done! So this morning I was thinking of how desperate I am for a new excuse. And then I read your post, and saw that you’d given me the gift of Christmas! Yes! “I’ll clean up this mess after Christmas!” Talk about Christmas cheer! I’m feelin’ it!

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  3. I just don’t look at it. The weeds in the back. The cluttered garage. The unorganized closets. The dusty valences. That’s why I look forward to guests/family visits — it’s the only time I am forced to clean the stove and refrigerator and spit-shine the copper pots. I wouldn’t want them to think I was a slob, right?
    Ha ha! Conversely, I’m obsessed with clean bathrooms and clean sheets on the bed.

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  4. My favorite excuse always has been “When I’m in retirement”. Now I am in retirement, so I urgently have to look for another excuse. “After christmas” or “When summer/fall/winter/spring is over” sound rather good to me. 😉

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  5. Haha…this was such a fun post. Well…I have to say that I probably know you are not the only one who does this. I think we all have things that we really like to find totally acceptable excuses for to put off (well, at least in our minds they sound acceptable 😂😂). But yeah…after christmas sounds like a very good excuse to procrastinate. Haven’t just that one too often. For me it’s usually: “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll do it this weekend” 😂😂

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  6. “You may delay but time will not and lost time is never found again”. That’s a quote from Benjamin Franklin. Sometimes we feel as if we are so lazy to do things that need to be done, there is plenty of time to do it .

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